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Online Sportsbooks Raise the Bar for Upcoming NFL Playoffs

The end of the 2018 marks the beginning of this NFL season’s quest for the 12 teams that have qualified for the 2019 Super Bowl Derby. It does not get any bigger than this when it comes to betting on the final 11 NFL games on the board at your favorite online sportsbook over the next five weeks. Starting with the four games in the opening Wild Card Round to the Divisional Round and two conference championship games, everything is building towards the biggest single-day betting event of the year; Super Bowl LIII.

Valley Sports - Everyone Should Have 2 or 3 Sportsbook Accounts

Every offshore sportsbook taking action online for NFL games knows just how big the next five weeks are to their bottom line, so you know that they will all be going out of their way to earn your business. Some have already raised the ante with even more lucrative welcome bonuses. If you plan to go big in this season’s NFL playoffs, they you can easily find ways to win big when it comes to expanding your bankroll with special bonuses and promotions.

The top online sportsbooks are also big on rewarding customer loyalty. Added incentives for the upcoming NFL playoffs might include a bigger bonus for valid customer referrals, reduced juice options on certain types of bets and one-time rewards for betting options such as mobile betting, cryptocurrency deposits and live in-game betting. It all adds up and many of these added incentives are easy to take advantage of even if you consider yourself a casual bettor.

Before you place you next online bet, make sure to set aside some extra time to get up to speed with everything up for grabs at your favorite online book (or books if you operate multiple online betting accounts).

Valley Sports - What Else Can You Bet On at Online Sportsbooks?

Even if you are completely satisfied with your current online betting venues, it may make sense to check out a few of the other popular online sportsbooks as a way to flesh out all of your betting options. The NFL boards get expanded in the postseason to make up for the lack of volume the regular season offers. With only four games on the board in each of the first two postseason rounds, you can expect to find more betting options on a game-by-game basis.

Prop bet odds and NFL futures are really big this time of the year. Sometimes the best betting value for any game can be found in special props that have been recently released. The New Orleans Saints are even-money favorites to win the NFC and the Kansas City Chiefs are at the top of the list to win the AFC. Each team is the No. 1 seed in their respective conference with guaranteed home-field advantage for as long as they remain in the playoffs.

Valley Sports - Vegas Odds vs. Offshore Odds, What's Better, What's the Difference?

While the Saints and the Chiefs may have the best betting odds to meet in Super Bowl LIII, do not forget about teams such as the Los Angeles Rams and New England Patriots, who are a close second as the next best teams on the list. For the most part, all 12 teams in this year’s playoffs are playing their best ball of the season at just the right time. Football is still the type of sport where any team can beat any other team it faces. This adds quite a bit of value to the longer odds for anyone further down the list in their respective conference title race.