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Everyone Should Have at least 2 or 3 Sportsbook Accounts

Winning enough of your sports bets to turn a profit can be difficult, and anyone that wagers on sports is looking for any advantage they can get. One advantage many overlook is using multiple sportsbooks to place your wagers. Choosing the best betting sites is not always a straightforward decision. Different sites offer different pros and cons in terms of special offers and promotions, as well as the types of wager you can make. Having 2 or 3 sportsbook accounts is something everyone should do, here's why.

The biggest advantage to using multiple sportsbooks is your ability to shop for betting lines. Go to any website that provides betting lines from multiple sportsbooks, and you will see the difference there can be in lines between books.

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For example, 2018 Week 7, Lions at Dolphins. At 12PM ET the line can be found at DET -2, DET -2.5 and DET -3. No matter which side you are betting, getting an extra point on either side is obviously a major advantage. How many times have you lost a spread or total bet by a point, or even a half point for that matter?

While a half of a point does not seem to be a lot, over the length of a season or at year's end, I can guarantee a half point here or a full point there will increase your winning percentage. By shopping for the best betting line will stop leaving money on the table, increasing your profitability.

Did you know a 52.4 winning percentage is needed to break even when betting on sports, but a 57% winning percentage will produce noticeable profits? This is why getting a better line on even 20% of your bets can be the difference in you being a winning or a losing bettor.

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Lines are different at sportsbooks for a few reasons, but the amount of money they have on one side or the other is the biggest reason why. Sportsbooks try to balance the amount of money on either side by changing the line to entice bettors to choose one side or the other. If one book received a large bet on one side, there is a good chance they will move the line in favor of the opposite side of that large bet so others will even out the money by betting it.

The demographic of a sportsbook will sometimes create a different line. Sports fans are homers by nature, no matter how good or bad their team is playing at that time. If a sportsbook has a lot of New York based players, you can bet you will get a better line there than anywhere else if you are betting against the Giants. The same can be said of the Patriots if a sportsbook has a lot of Boston/New England based players.

Taking advantage of bonuses and contests that are offered by top online sportsbooks is another reason everyone should have 2 or 3 sportsbook accounts. Not only will choosing the right bonus structure to meet your betting needs help stretch your betting dollar, getting free entry into contests will give you a better chance of winning.

If someone was walking around town giving out free lottery tickets, and you had the choice of taking 5 free tickets or 25 free tickets, which amount would you choose? 25 of course. By using multiple sportsbooks, you can guarantee yourself to maximize your profitability from the extras that are offered.

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One more thing using 2 or 3 sportsbooks will do is give you a fall back incase one of your sportsbooks go down. Have you ever tried to place a bet only to get an error code on your screen? You try to reload, but there is no hope because the site is down? While this is not common with the online sportsbooks I use, it has happened to me in the past, and can be common for sportsbooks that are not committed to continually improving their gaming software.

I recommend being more organized when you start betting with multiple sportsbooks, because if not, keeping track of your betting budget, wins, losses and overall balance can get overwhelming. Whatever organizational method you choose, take a couple minutes every day to keep it up to date so it doesn't become a chore.

Longevity, customer service, options, bonuses, quick payouts and reputation are the main things to look for when you are choosing a sportsbook. I use three sportsbooks, with America's Bookie being my main one. I highly recommend them, as they pride themselves in quick payouts, have tons of betting options and a customer service team that will help you with anything, 365 days a year.

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If you landed on this page because you are considering signing up and loading your account to up your betting game with multiple sportsbooks, I hope this gave you the positive information you needed to start doing so.

Having the ability to shop for the best line will make you feel like a betting King. When you realize the one point difference in your line that you found gave you a win, where it would have been a loss at your other book, will make you feel like a rich King. Don't hesitate, sign up to another sportsbook today, and when you see the benefits, there is a chance you might sign up to another one next week.