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Everything You Can Bet On at Online Sportsbooks?

Avid sports bettors already know that online sportsbooks are the best betting outlets to get some action on the games. Heading into the month of October, this is also one of the best times of the year to bet on sports. Football season in the college ranks and the NFL is in full swing and you can even bet some games north of the border in the CFL. The MLB playoffs get underway this month leading up to the best-of-seven World Series. To add even more betting options to the board, the new season of hockey in the NHL and basketball in the NBA gets underway in the early part of October.

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With so much betting action on the board at your favorite online sportsbook, did you ever stop and wonder what else might be on the board at any number of the top offshore sportsbooks taking action online?

A quick visit to the betting sites for a few of these top-rated books revealed betting odds for some events that might be considered a bit off the beaten path. For example, did you know that there are betting odds posted for sports such as Aussie football and European Rugby as well as international cricket. You could also bet on handball matches in Denmark and Sweden. If you really want to stretch your betting strategy this week, matchup odds for the Chinese Snooker Championship are currently on the board.

Betting odds for foreign sports are just part of the betting options you will find at online sportsbooks. One of the most interesting betting options is for WWE wrestling. You may ask how can the books set odds for an event that has fixed results? Betting on professional wrestling has become very popular because the actual results are kept secret from the betting public. You have to guess how the matches will turn out based on the drama that the WWE wants to add to its league as opposed to one athlete actually besting the other.

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How about betting on sports that are actually played on a handheld device. Another fast-growing event for action junkies looking for new and exciting ways to bet is eSports. Competitions are held all over the world and often times you can find betting odds posted for the biggest events on the schedule. Two of the more popular betting options right now is for ESEA Europe and ESEA MDL Season North America.

When it comes to betting on futures odds and proposition bets, the list is almost endless at a few of the bigger offshore books. These offerings are constantly changing, but they can also offer quite a bit of value if you know how and where to look. Most mainstream sports have futures and prop bet odds on the board all of the time. However, if you want to dig deep into the list you can find betting options for international hockey leagues, Mexican baseball and a wide array of soccer leagues all around the globe.

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Some books have expanded beyond the realm of sports with betting opportunities in the world of entertainment, politics and even competitive eating. You can find odds for which actor will play James Bond in the next movie in this long-running series. You can place a bet on Trump's future as president. Odds are currently posted for the upcoming mid-term US Senate elections this November. It is the end of September and you can already get some action on next year's Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest at Coney Island on the 4th of July.