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Vegas Odds vs. Offshore Odds, What's Better
What's the Difference?

No matter how you slice it, the 2018 football season has taken off like a blast from a gun. This season promises to be good and there is still time to find a great sportsbook that's worthy of your time and money. Find a bookie that has sharp lines and ones that offer wagering options such as Super Teasers, "if bets" Round Robins and absolutely find one that offers quarters and halves. This gambling hobby that you have is a worthy investment, it's your hard-earned money, take care of it!

Often the question is asked, what's better, Vegas odds or offshore odds? Years ago, should we say eons ago, sportsbooks such as the Stardust (home of the original line) they set the standard in gaming odds. Their oddsmakers were former betting sharks that quit the betting game and went to work for the bookies. Now, not a whole lot has changed however, with the advancement of technology the lines have become extremely accurate. "Vegas" is hard to beat.

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Las Vegas has now gone the way of the "superbook". The Strip casinos have built mega sportsbooks and they use high priced software to set the lines. Of course, these sportsbooks are a lot of fun and what they have to offer is an untold amount of TV screens with every game, and every night available to bet on and watch. The atmosphere is electric and often has the feel of live attendance at the game. This is a fun and exciting, but does it give a serious gambler any kind of edge, can you make money, or are the "superbooks" geared towards the weekend gambler, the tourist?

There is no question about the excitement of the Las Vegas sportsbook, however, the lines can and are bet on a nightly basis with the offshore bookies. The Offshore bookmakers have enormous amounts of competition and they must keep their game odds and lines sharp. The "wise guys" love and flock to the online sportsbooks. They find the best numbers on a nightly basis and if they don't like what they see on one bookie, they dial up the next bookie. It really is that simple and this also proves the worth of having more than one bookmaker. You should absolutely have a least a handful of great online bookies. If you can save five cents here or a dime there, why wouldn't you want to do so?

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Another thing to think of carefully when looking at Vegas odds vs. offshore odds is the live presence factor. When a gambler walks into a sportsbook on the Las Vegas strip and they see the odds, and close to nobody shops around. Folks simply do not want to go from sportsbook to sportsbook looking for a better deal. What a nightmare that would be in 115 degree heat, not to mention, when they do get to the next bookie, the line is the same or even more expensive. Vegas players have and use online bookies. They do it for the competition and the wagering options.

The offshore bookies offer much more in wagering options than do the brick and mortar bookies in Vegas. The Parlays, teasers, Round Robins and reverse action bets, they always pay more online than does Las Vegas. Not to mention live wagering and dynamic live wagering.

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The trick is to find a top notch online bookie that will have your back and one that offers free payouts once per week. Try something different, take 3 or four games and bet a teaser then break that down into four parts and bet each game or even 2 of the games at $50 per game. This will cover your losses should you have any. Don't forget the significance of Round Robins as well. This is a fantastic way to bet and keep yourself in it should you lose one or two.

For betting tips and how to understand the many wagering options that offshore bookies offer, be sure to check out the "How to Bet" section of your favorite online bookie. Be dialed in this year and find the best offshore odds.