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NFL Football Betting - Live Betting and Bonuses

Normally the NFL offseason drags by at a snails pace but not this past offseason. This year has flown by and here we are yet again, another season. You still have time to get in on all of the great deals. The online sports betting services put together some outstanding bonus packages every year and without a doubt this year will be no exception. Look for new client bonuses or if you have not bet with your bookie in a few months they will probably be more than willing to throw you the new client bonus. Usually the bonus is a 100% deposit match. If you deposit $500, they will give you $500 to bet on sports with. There are a few restrictions and of course there is always a rollover involved.

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Rollover is something that some gamblers don-t like to mess with, however, keep this in mind... A great bookie will be willing to work with you. You are not forced to take the 100% bonus, you can take a 50% bonus it that-s what you would rather do. The rollover is drastically reduced, and you will see that usually in one betting weekend, that rollover is quickly played through.

Call the online sportsbook that you are thinking of doing business with and ask them what kind of bonuses you qualify for and what the rollover amount are. Ask them to explain everything in detail. If they are not more than willing to have this conversation with you, then find another sportsbook as quickly as possible. If they do not have a toll free number that is accessible from the United States, then don-t even consider doing business with them.

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This year mix it up a little. Live betting is a blast and if you have never done it, then this year it-s a must. Live betting does a few great things for you. It allows, you to miss the opening kickoff and that can be a great thing. Think back to the Super Bowl between the Broncos and the Seahawks. The Broncos went into that game a s the favorite and everybody was betting on Peyton Manning. What a disaster for Broncos bettors! If you had waited on this game until after the first couple of possessions, there was fantastic value to be had. The live line never went over -14.5 in the first half and the final score was 43-8 in favor of the Seahawks. No matter what live line was offered in this game, you would have won, had you played Seattle. Anybody who watched that game knew the Broncos were cooked after the first possession. The game was Peyton-s worst nightmare and a complete disaster. This was a fantastic opportunity to bet live and make a pile of money.

No matter how or who you like to bet, we know one thing for sure. The season is on top of us. So find a great bookie, find a great bookie pph software service, and look for a great free contest such as a "last man standing"-type entry. You can't go wrong with free money!