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TNF Free Pick: Broncos Vs. Browns | Two Team Teaser

The Denver Broncos need a win in the worst kind of way, especially after an embarrassing loss at home by way of the Raiders. John Gruden, who was that? It didn’t matter that Las Vegas no longer had the two-time Super Bowl winning coach. Controversy, ha, this is the Raiders we are talking about, no other team in the NFL has had more messy things go on, than the Raiders. What did they do last Sunday? They rode into Denver and found a way to beat the favored home team by 10-points, in a game that was much uglier than a 10-point loss. The Broncos were smacked upside the head in that game and were never really close. Many are arguing the Denver defense to be a fraud, and the coaching staff seems to have lost any control, and certainly any respect.

Broncos @ Browns
Broncos (3-3, 3-3-0 ATS), Browns (3-3, 3-3-0 ATS)
Broncos + 2, ML +105/-125 O/U 41
FirstEnergy Stadium, Cleveland, OH

The Browns played the 6-0 Arizona Cardinals and they also went into that game as the favorite, and the home team. When looking at the numbers across the board for the Browns offense, the loss was an unmitigated disaster. Are the Browns still the same old awful Browns? Las Vegas has very clearly made a statement, and said NO, they are not. Las Vegas want’s us to believe that Baker Mayfield is indeed the man and that last weeks loss was just a hiccup. Possibly they are right, especially against a team that’s struggling to find any identity. The Broncos are that team.

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John Elway has a storied history against the Browns, and he hired current head coach Vic Fangio based on the reputation that he was a defensive guru. The defensive numbers are deceiving, in fact, they are fools gold! Th Broncos allow 18.3 ppg, 242.5 yards passing, and 85.5 yards on the ground. The Browns allow 243.7 yards passing, and 87.0 yards on the ground. Now, do you see why we say, “fool’s gold”? The Broncos are not fooling us anymore, and we are not fools!

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The Browns are scoring 26.0 ppg against the Broncos 21.0, however, these numbers do not tell the real story. (Vic Fangio is not a Teddy Bridgewater fan and he will be the man’s undoing if Elway doesn’t step in and fire him. The Broncos are poorly coached, they are not motivated beyond Von Miller, and he doesn’t look the same against good teams. He was brilliant against the Jets, and Jaguars, but not so great against Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and the Raiders. We are not blaming Von Miller, he is still a great player and has much to contribute, he lacks the necessary help, and coaching with Fangio as head coach/defensive coordinator.) – That was the real story!

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The Broncos may have their problems, so do the Browns. Baker Mayfield was hailed as the savior and he has not been bad and has had more than a few moments of brilliance. He is a solid QB that any team would love to have. He has the football skills; does he have the leadership qualities needed to lead his team to a first-round playoff win? The better question is this – how long can we go on, how many years can we keep asking, is Mayfield for real? We see the arm, we see the natural ability, but this is not college, this is the NFL and through six games… 6-TD’s and 3-picks, is not going to cut it.

Both teams enter this game in a bad place. They both need this victory. This one screams “trap game” but having looked at the Broncos and the teams response to the “Gruden-less Raiders, (in Mile High no less) we can’t back the Broncos. Nick Chubb has a big game and Baker does just enough. Call your offshore bookmaker and ask for the updated line. Tonight, is a great time to win.

Prediction: Playing a 6-point teaser – Browns +4, Over 35