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Best 2021 Football Promotions and Contests

There is nothing better than cashing in a few winners on timely placed NFL wagers. That is why the best way to bet on the games is at RDG Corp’s incredible lineup of top-rated online sportsbooks.

Led by America’s Bookie as America’s Most Trusted Bookie, US players can also turn to and for all their football betting action this upcoming season. All three of these online sportsbooks are ready for some football with a full range of promotional offers plus three unique ways to boost any betting bankroll.

It all starts with a brand new online betting account. New members can receive a welcome bonus up to $1500 on an initial deposit. With low rollover requirements, this offer works for high volume bettors as well as the average recreational sports bettor.

All three books actually offer matching bonuses on every deposit made into an online betting account. This can range from a 30% match with just three rollovers to the full 100% match with a rollover of 10x.

The best way to stretch any bankroll is through the customer loyalty rewards program. Valuable points are awarded for online betting activity. These points do not expire so they can be saved and redeemed for free payouts or free bet credit. Points can also be used for other exciting online perks.

Bad months are part of the game betting on sports. That is why all three of these online betting sites offer Gambler’s Insurance.

If a player ends up with a net monthly loss, 10% of the loss will be credited back to the betting account the following month. This can provide a fresh start with a bankroll boost.

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Customer referrals are another way to add betting credit to an account. Once a referral makes that first deposit into their new betting account, the person making the referral gets their bonus reward. Along with any number of ways to extend a betting dollar, football season adds three exiting contests and money pools to the lineup.

NFL Last Man Standing

This year’s money pool for the NFL Last Man Standing has been set at $5000 in a winner-take-all format. If this contest ends in a tie, all the winners will evenly split the money pool.

Using the typical survivor format, bettors will have a chance to pick one straight-up winner for the Week 1 games. If that team wins, they move on to Week 2. The main rule to remember is that a team may only be used once during the entire NFL regular season.

Players keep advancing until their designated weekly team loses a game. There are ways to add multiple entries though total deposit amounts.

Every deposit from July 1 right through Sept. 5 will be totaled. Amounts between $100 and $499 earn one entry.

Additional entries are awarded as follows:

$500 to $999 = 2

$1000 to $1999 = 3

$2000 to $2999 = 4

$3000 to $4999 = 5

$5000 or more = 7

NFL 33 Club

An easy way to add free bet credit is the NFL 33 Club. Simply make a deposit of $300 or more during the week to earn an entry. Deposits of $500 to $999 double the chances to win. Deposits of $1000 or more max out the chances to win at three teams.

If a bettor’s designated team scores exactly 33 points in that week’s game, the free credit payout increases to $333. That team does not even need to win the game, the trick is to have a final score of 33 points.

The 33 Club is also available for NBA, NHL and MLB games when in season. All payouts are in the form of free bet credit with no cash value.

NFL Weekly Squares

One of the most popular contests for football games is back with NFL Weekly Squares. This contest offers a halftime and final score prize for the designated NFL game of the week.

The halftime winner will receive a free-bet credit equal to half the amount of that week’s biggest deposit amount. The winning square for the final combined score of the game receives a credit for the amount of their entire deposit.

The minimum deposit amount to earn a square is $100. Best of all, this free bet credit does not have any additional rollover requirements as long as any existing rollovers have been satisfied.

It is easy to see why America’s Bookie, and forms the perfect All-Pro lineup of online betting options for the entire 2021 football season.