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Free Pick | Ravens Vs. Colts-Two Team Parlay

John Harbaugh has seen big success during his tenure as the head coach of the Baltimore Ravens. Since the day that he rode into “Charm City” (2008), he has managed to rack up more than 140 victories, and a Super Bowl win over his own brother. Where is he headed this year? Where is he headed tonight? Make sure you have the best offshore sportsbook with the best lines and odds for tonight’s game.

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One thing that we know for sure about the Ravens and Harbaugh, - they make no apologies for what they do or who they are, and it all started in the Ray Lewis era. The “Ray effect” still lingers, and whether you love or hate Ray Lewis, you can’t deny, the man was a beast, and he was a winner, and those winning ways still exist within the culture of the team. It was a tone that was set all of those years ago.

The Colts are struggling in their rebuild. –

We know where the Ravens are. They are going into their 44th consecutive game with at least 100-rushing yards per game. Normally, this stat would mean nothing, however, John Harbaugh cares about this kind of thing and if it matters to the man in charge, then you can rest assured the Colts had better game plan around this idea.

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After losing Andrew Luck, and then picking up Phillip Rivers, the Colts have been one giant string of emotion, an up and down seesaw that has failed to find it’s rhythm, it’s balance, and any kind of stride. The Colts are a proud franchise that certainly wants to win; if one is inclined to believe what Jim Irsay is selling the fans in Indianapolis.

Carson Wentz- (920 yards, 5 TD’s, 1 INT) was a huge acquisition this past offseason for the Colts but finds himself struggling. He came in with nothing to prove but now, has everything to prove! The Colts have weapons in (RB) Taylor, with 58 carries on the season, 274 yards, and 1 TD, along with (WR) Pittman- 23 receptions and 279 yards.

The Colts are NOT playing terrible; however, they are not playing good enough to beat anybody other than Detroit and Miami! They are scoring 20.8 ppg and allowing 24.3 ppg. The Ravens are scoring 26.3 ppg, while allowing 23.0 ppg.

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Last week, the Colts beat Miami 27-17, and held them to just 35-yards rushing, however, the previous three weeks saw losses to Tennessee 16-25, the Rams 24-27, and Seattle 16-26.

The Ravens have done more than what it takes to simply scrape by. They kicked off the season with a 37-3 win over Washington, then followed that up with a 27-33 OT loss in Las Vegas, a win Vs. KC 36-35, @ Detroit 19-17, and @ Denver, 23-7. The Denver win was a statement against the AFC West leader at 3-0, in an always hostile environment at Mile High.

We MUST back the Ravens. The Colts have a string of defensive injuries and in prime time, Harbaugh’s Ravens are 16-2. Call your favorite online bookie and ask about gamblers insurance along with a great football bonus.

Indianapolis Colts vs. Baltimore Ravens Pick & Prediction