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Why is Live Betting So Popular with Bettors

Live betting is taking the betting world by storm.

Key Points

– Live betting is the biggest trend in sports gambling right now.

– Betting in-game has become popular for a number of reasons.

Live Betting gets You Closer To the Action Then Ever

Live betting, sometimes referred to as in-game betting or in-play betting, is all the rage right now. But the practice has actually been around for a while. Even as far back as the 1930s, it was reported that well-known bookies would attend MLB games and take live bets in the stands.

For the past few decades, bettors have been able to bet on NFL quarter and halftime results in land-based sportsbooks. Nowadays, bettors can log into their betting accounts and place in-game wagers whenever there is a sporting event taking place.

It’s happening more and more now as sports bettors just can’t get enough. It’s not just a fad either. Bettors are wagering more on in-game bets and sportsbooks are expanding their live offerings.

Why has this happened? Why is live betting so popular?


Instant Gratification

In the modern world of “me, me, me” and “now, now, now” live betting is the perfect fit. Today’s bettors are more tech savvy and love the instant gratification offered by winning live bets.

Now, not all live bets provide an instant result, but many do. Bettors can wager on the next play in a football game being a run or a pass. In an MLB game, live bettors can wager on what the next hit will be - single, double, triple, or home run.

Even if the result isn’t instant, live betting can provide instant feedback while a bettor watches the game or match play out. That brings us to another reason why live betting is so popular.

Live Betting is Fun!

For most sports bettors, the practice of betting on sports is fun by itself. It’s more fun when you win, but betting on a team to cover a spread or a game to go Over a certain total adds some intrigue to a game.

Now, take that and add steroids. That’s live betting. Stephen Curry is shooting the lights out. You find his Made Threes player prop and get a solid price on the Over. Midway through the second quarter, Curry hits that prop. You’re a winner and the game isn’t even half over!

The Perfect Hedge

If you could only fix a bad pregame bet. Well, now you can. Live bets allow players to hedge against a pregame bet that looks like it's heading south.

Maybe you find a good price and line (-5) on an NBA favorite that you like, but two of the team’s stars get in foul trouble early. The underdog leads by double digits heading into the second half. The line flips and you can get your pregame favorite at +3.

You are aware the stars will return in the second half and when they do the favorite is able to come back and win by a point. The pregame bet is a loser, but the bet made during the game ends up saving you.

Live bets can provide the perfect hedge against earlier bad wagers. Live betting strategies can increase your net winnings, quickly.

Live Betting Odds Value

Waiting for live odds can create serious value in certain situations. Take an NFL game as an example, one that features two pretty high-scoring offenses.

The betting public loves high-scoring games and loves to bet the Over on these games. There have been numerous occasions when a game total gets set at say, 54.5. Maybe it’s Green Bay versus the Los Angeles Rams. Both teams have offenses that can score.

At halftime, the score is 10-7. The live total is going to react to the low-scoring first half. Often, the live total will overreact as well. Maybe the live total falls all the way to 49.5.

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This presents an opportunity for those who see a higher-scoring second half. Sure enough, the teams’ offenses make some adjustments and the final score ends up 28-24. If you jumped on the live total, you were a winner.

Now, it could go the other way but remember this. Oddsmakers are much better at establishing lines and odds pregame than during a game. If oddsmakers believed this game was going to have a higher total, there’s a good chance it will.

Betting live offers bettors a bit of an advantage over oddsmakers. When setting pregame lines and odds, oddsmakers have a wealth of information. That’s not true when a game is being played.

The fun, excitement, and near addiction to live betting will continue to fuel this phenomenon in the near future. Smart bettors would be wise to hop on the train right now and take advantage