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Super Bowl LIII - Betting on Most Valuable Player

We all know the big dance is set to go off in Atlanta on the Sunday, February 3rd, and we all know this is going to be one for the ages. It seems like they just keep getting better and if you are wondering who is going to win this thing, you are not alone. The line is Patriots -2 ½ but will this hold up? The Rams have an extremely good football team and they can play with anybody in the NFL. As a matter of fact, the Rams come into this game averaging 32 points per game, that’s five more than the Patriots. They are allowing 24 points per game, to the Patriots 20. This says the Rams win the game by one point.

Build Your Online Sportsbook Betting Plan for Super Bowl LIII

The odds makers have chosen to take the “high road” in our opinion or better yet, the easy way out. It seems incredibly easy to say the Patriots are going to win this game by 2.5. That’s a field goal-and you are at the window collecting. They’re not even asking the bettor to buy a point down from three, in order to avoid the push, they are placing the Patriots at the - number for one reason; they are following the public. They have no mind of their own on this, so don’t believe that for a second. They have set the line in accordance to how (they think), the public thinks. They believe, the public thinks that the Patriots should be the favorite, so what do the odds makers do, they make the Patriots the favorite.

Beat the Noise--

This year do something different, instead of playing the odds makers games, beat them at their own game by betting on the superbowl props. There are a lot of great ones to choose from and in fact, there are so many that you may even feel a bit overwhelmed with all of the money-making possibilities. This year you must make the race for Super Bowl MVP, a priority.

Check out just a few on the list of available candidates for Super Bowl LIII MVP—

  • Aaron Donald-Rams +1750
  • Aquib Talib-Rams +7000
  • Brandin Cooks-Rams +2800
  • Jared Goff-Rams +200
  • Todd Gurley +1150
  • Tom Brady EV

NFL Football Team Props - Betting for profit

The above names mentioned, are just a few of the many greats that are available to bet on this year. We included Aquib Talib simply because of the outrageous number. This man is well capable of having two interceptions and that would be enough to gain him the MVP if the Rams should win. At +7000, why not throw a $100 on this one and root for this guy all game long? It would sure make the game fun.

Everyone Should Have 2 or 3 Sportsbook Accounts

The point is this—Betting on the MVP, no matter who you bet it’s going to be fun. There are a lot of great names to bet and even a guy like Gurley is being offered at a fantastic number in +1150. Take a shot. You certainly don’t have to bet a $100 on every candidate but even $50 on Gurley, wins you $575, another great number on another fantastic candidate.