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Preparing for 2020 College Football Betting

Football season is a great time of year. While more bettors flock to the NFL, there is plenty of money to be made in wagering on college football. You simply have to have to put the time into some research and have a strategy.

In order to prepare for the upcoming 2020 college football season, there are some things you should know. Hopefully, these tips can lead to more winnings.

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Large Spreads

It is common in college football to see spreads of 20, 30, even 40 points. Bettors don’t see that in the NFL where the very worst team in the league is still likely to pull an upset. Like can happen when betting college basketball.

Consider 2019 national runner-up Clemson. Prior to last season, the Tigers were 20-point-plus favorites in games against North Carolina (-27), Florida State (-25), Louisville (-32), N.C. State (-24), and South Carolina (-23.5).

The reason for the big spreads is the difference between the best teams in the country like Clemson and the worst teams. There is a huge quality gap between Clemson and schools like Akron and UTEP.

Line Changes

The betting pool on college football games is much smaller than on NFL games. With the larger spreads and the smaller betting pool, there are line changes of three or four (sometimes more) points. These occur rather often.

In NFL lines, you don’t see that kind of movement. Because of the lower betting volume, it doesn’t take much action to shift a line. A bet that has no effect on an NFL line, could make a huge change on a college football line.


Capitalize on Lines Quickly

Because of line movement in college football, it pays to know when to time your bets. Knowing when to do so requires some research. A three- or four-point difference in a line can make a huge difference.

Specialize in a Conference

You can’t succeed in betting on college football by betting on a ton of games. If you pick a conference that has a nice mix, you should be able to find value every week.

Plus, you can become an expert on that conference. Your research doesn’t have to include the entire nation. You can zero in on one set of teams.

Take the ACC, for example. You have a national championship contender every year in Clemson. You have a couple programs - Virginia and Miami, for example - that are on the rise and then there is the rest of the conference. If you search hard enough, you can find at least one value bet each week.

Intangibles Matter

Those value bets can be found if you know where to look for NCAAF odds. By specializing in one conference, you should know a potential value when you see it.

Last season, Clemson was favored over North Carolina by -27. The Tar Heels defense had been playing well and they had a young quarterback in Sam Howell that was improving every week.

With North Carolina at home, a four-touchdown margin was simply too much to pass up. Betting on the Tar Heels to cover would have paid off. North Carolina held Clemson to just three scores and came within a missed two-point conversion of pulling the upset of the season.


To succeed at college football betting in 2020, do your homework. Specialize in one conference. Be aware of line changes and know when to pull the trigger and place your bet. Understand that intangibles make a huge difference in college football and you can point yourself toward success this season!