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How to Get on the Winning Side of Player Props

Get on the winning side of player props.

Key Points

– Player props bets are becoming increasingly popular.

– There is a market for player props in every sport.

Get on the Winning Side of Player Props

Betting on player props is one form of sports betting that has grown in popularity recently. Essentially, this is betting on certain statistical accomplishments of particular players as opposed to the final result of the game.

For example, you might bet on whether a particular player will score over 30 points in an NBA game. If you know your stuff, this not only increases the excitement level and gives you a chance to make some money. There is some risk, but betting on player props can be fun and rewarding if you choose your bets wisely.

Getting Started

There are a few things to review before placing a wager on any player prop. Study the individual and the team they play for first. This will help you understand advantages and disadvantages to making the bet. Having a basic knowledge of betting strategies is a must. Read this article to learn more.

Next, consider how the player and the opposition match up. You can use this to determine which props have the best chances of working. For example, a great NFL wide receiver going up against a cornerback that gives up a lot of completions might help you make your decision.

In betting a MLB pitcher’s strikeout props, the batting order he will face will be a big determinant in how many strikeouts he will record. It’s the same in the NBA where you may bet on a player’s scoring prop. Who will defend him most of the night? Is the team he is playing against one of the better defensive teams in the league? These are things that must be taken into account before placing a player prop bet.

Finally, take into account the betting line and adjust your limitations as necessary. You'll be in a strong position to turn a profit when betting on player props if you pay attention to these details.

Types of Player Props Bets

Different player props are used in different sports. Betting on how many points a particular player will score is one of the most well-known player props. The most common wagers in this category are those on these competent player props.

Favorite NFL player props include quarterback passing yards and touchdown passes. The Over/Under on yards and touchdowns in a game applies equally to running backs and receivers as well.

Other NBA props include whether a player will register a double-double or perhaps a triple-double. There are also unskilled props available. These are wagers that have nothing to do with the actual game or a player's performance on an individual basis.

For instance, will the national anthem play for more than two minutes? Will the number of penalties in an NHL game be Over or Under a certain number? A dynamic sportsbook will offer both skilled and unskilled player props.

Player props can also be combined with other wagers. You might want the NBA game total to go over, for instance. Let’s say you bet on the Nets-Lakers game to go Over the total. It would also make sense to wager on Kevin Durant’s or LeBron James’ scoring prop to go Over.

Value Is Always There

You might not like a side or even the game total in an NBA or NFL game. The good news is that you can still bet on the game.

Look for a logical prop wager that provides value for betting. The Lakers are a significant 10.5-point favorite over the Kings, who are missing their best player. The spread bothers you, and the moneyline is obviously ridiculous. It's not a good idea to wager on the total either.

LeBron James, though, contributes 8.5 assists each game. He has recorded at least eight assists in each of his last five games. You can see that the odds for his 7.5 assists are even. There is value in that bet.

Sportsbooks are still not as efficient as they should be when setting odds for prop bets. That gives a slight advantage to bettors that can find value.Sportsbooks don't devote as much time and attention to prop bets as they do to other kinds of wagers.

The majority of their activities are concentrated in the bigger markets like point spreads and totals. Maybe you are having trouble winning any of your bets. Consider using free handicappers picks to your advantage.

Some Payouts Are Absurd

Some prop bets have ridiculous payouts. As an example, consider the MLB player prop market for home runs.

Imagine having a player like Aaron Judge who has been effectively pounding the ball. He has hit several home runs over the past two weeks. Strong home run hitters at plus-money are virtually always available on the market in this category.

You identify a good pitching matchup and locate the chances of Judge Over 0.5 Home Runs at +550. A $100 bet on Judge pays out $550. Similar player prop bets are readily available every day across all sports.

The Anytime Touchdown market in the NFL is another. Sportsbooks routinely put up odds for 20 to 25 players in a typical NFL game. There may be an obscure tight end on the list at +1500 to score a touchdown. Sure, there is risk, but bettors can win some rather large payouts when betting player props.

Sportsbook Player Props

With recent legal reforms, sports betting as a whole has grown immensely popular in the U.S. That is probably going to keep happening as more states authorize sports betting.

Betting on player props has been increasingly popular among gamblers recently. Bettors now have an increasing number of options. A vast range of player props from all the main sports are available.

More daily fantasy sports players are now entering the markets as bettors. Their knowledge of statistics and metrics has helped them become successful at betting player props. That will likely continue with the rise in online betting.

Do you want to learn more about specific player props? Check out this recent article on a player not to score a touchdown.