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Buying Betting Picks for Football Season

Will you be buying picks for football season? We’re here to help if you are.

Key Points

– Buying picks for football season can help any bettor regardless of experience.

– Buyers of sports picks should look for respected handicappers that are transparent about their winning percentage.

Buying Picks for Football Season

The NCAA football and NFL seasons begin late each summer as teams report to training camps beginning with the pros in mid to late July. As college and pro teams prepare for their upcoming seasons, it would make a lot of sense for bettors to do the same.

One of the key pieces of preparation is to consider the idea of buying picks for football. Everyone wants to win betting football. There will be other areas of preparation, but the serious bettor - and even the more casual bettor - should think long and hard about buying picks this football season.

There are plenty of reasons why. If you’re a serious fisherman, you might be using a fishfinder on your boat. If you trade on the stock market, you may subscribe to a stock tips newsletter. Buying picks for football is no different.

Now Is the Time

When is the right time to buy sports picks? How about now? With a football season not too far off in the distant future, it would pay to have a handicapper or handicapping service already lined up.

Let’s say you are relatively new to sports betting and don’t understand everything just yet. Buying picks from a respected handicapper in the industry can help you get acclimated to the nuances of sports betting. There is a lot to learn to become a winning bettor and an experienced professional can help a young bettor become more confident in placing bets.

Now, you don’t have to be new to sports betting to start buying picks for football or any other sport. Experienced bettors can save mounds of time by essentially paying someone else to do their work for them. Handicappers spend their days doing research and analysis on where to find value bets. When you sign up with a handicapping service, that is what you are paying for. A handicapper’s professional analysis of a certain bet and, ultimately, his pick.

Buying winning sports picks is a big time saver for bettors. The typical bettor is not a professional handicapper and has some other day job. Bettors can’t usually spend their work days scouring the internet for data on games they wish to bet.

Using a pick service allows bettors to stay employed and have success at betting on college and NFL football.

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Who to Choose when Buying Picks for Football Season

Like any industry, there is competition. With the rise of sports betting over the past several years, a number of related markets have grown. The number of sportsbooks has increased. That, in part, is due to the increases in the pay per head bookie software market.

The same can be said of the sports handicapping market. Because of the rapid increase in the number of sports bettors, more would-be handicappers are hanging out a shingle. That leaves bettors with some tough decisions.

It’s really the same as any other purchase though. You want the best quality service for the money. You just want value and there’s a way to get it, but you have to put the work in. Especially when it comes to betting NFL player props.

First and foremost, you want a name that can be trusted. After that, you want transparency. Again, that’s not really any different than making any significant purchase.

When you buy a new smart TV for instance, you typically look for brand names that you trust. It’s the same with major appliances and much more. Do the same when you search for a quality handicapper.

Reputation and Longevity are Key

There are individuals and services with solid reputations that have been built on years of quality work in the industry. One of the big reasons why the best in the business are trusted is because they are transparent.

The handicappers to trust are guys that post their records regardless of wins and losses. They will show you their records in different sports. Everything is on display and there is nothing to hide. Not being transparent can be a huge red flag when looking for a good handicapper.

If you can’t find a handicapper’s record or maybe something seems too good to be true, remember the following. The best handicappers and services in the industry win between 55 and 60 percent of the time. Anyone claiming long-term results above that is likely not being transparent.

With the internet these days, it’s much easier to find and read reviews about cappers. It’s easy to contact others who have used a handicapper’s services. Most of the best cappers in the industry use social media. Prospective buyers can go to social media and learn as much as they want about a certain handicapper.

Consider Your Bankroll

If you are really considering buying picks for football season, you need to ask yourself a couple of questions. These questions are primarily related to your finances.

What will be the size of your bankroll? What will be your unit size? Unit size is, of course, the amount you will be betting. Will you be a large bettor? Large is a relative term, but if you are a $100 bettor, it probably makes more sense for you to buy picks.

If you are the $1, $2, or $5 bettor; buying picks for football is probably not your thing. It wouldn’t make much sense to pay $50 for a pick that would net you a couple of bucks. You don’t want to spend more for the purchase of the picks than you would actually win, and that is assuming that you do win.