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Betting Horses at Your Favorite
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People have been betting on horses for hundreds of years and the sport remains popular today in many countries around the world. Bettors wager millions daily on horse racing in the United States alone. Horse racing is also popular in many other countries, including Canada, China, England, Ireland, Australia, India, Japan, among others.

Betting on horses is legal in many countries. You can bet at the tracks, but the best way to bet on horse racing is online at your online racebook. There are numerous reasons why we recommend betting online and we’ll talk about those throughout the article.

The Benefits of Betting on Horses at an Online Sportsbook

First off, when you bet with an online racebook you’ll typically have access to horse racing around the world with your account. You’ll be able to bet on horse races at Woodbine in Canada and then bet on races at Rosehill in Sydney if you’d like. You can bet on races in other countries at the track, but the selection of tracks isn’t as good as online racebooks.

Another reason to bet online is because of the promotions. Sure, your local track might have a rewards program, but they don’t compare to online horse betting sites. Not only are there bonuses and free bets available to bettors, but there are numerous rewarding promotions available to participate in on a daily basis.

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Ideally, you’ll want to sign-up to multiple racebooks online so that you can claim free bets and bonuses from all of them. Having multiple accounts will also help you shop around to get the best odds on ante-post bets and have a larger selection of tracks to bet on.

Online racebooks also offer daily rebates on the majority of bets made. There are some restrictions, but for the most part you’ll earn a 5%-10% rebate on your action. That will instantly decrease your breakeven point and give you a better chance at a positive ROI.

In my opinion, the biggest reason to bet on horses online is the betting selection. There are way more markets to bet on with online racebooks compared to when you’re at the track betting. Sure, the traditional exotic bets are available, such as exactas and trifectas, but the selection of bet types and ways to place wagers is much better online.

There are some racebooks that will offer live streaming too. You can watch all of the races available at the racebook as long as you bet a small amount each month typically.

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If you plan on betting on multiple horse racing tracks or even on horse racing in multiple countries, it’s much easier to bet online for the simple fact there’s more information. If you need form guides for races in France, that information is easily attainable online.

Going to the track to bet on horses is always entertaining, but if you want to take betting seriously it’s a smart move to transition to online racebooks.

In conclusion, there are multiple benefits to betting horses at your online racebook. You’ll earn more in rewards, typically get slightly better odds, better each-way payout places, plus a better selection of race tracks to bet on and a bigger selection of bet types.