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Betting Big at your Favorite Online Sportsbooks

MLB betting is back with the restart of the NBA and NHL seasons waiting in the wings. The coronavirus has had a major impact on sports betting the past few months but the biggest betting leagues continue to work their way through it.

In anticipation of pent-up demand, the online sports betting industry is gearing up for the restart of daily betting action. Many of the top-rated online books have already beefed up their betting boards for MLB’s Opening Day games.

Along with moneylines, totals and run lines for all the daily action, there is an expanded array of futures and prop bet options available as well. All the betting odds have been adjusted to the planned 60-game schedule including all the team and player performance props. It will be a great season to buy MLB picks. As a part of this expanded coverage, you can find individual performance props for the key players on each of MLB’s 30 teams.

Moving on to the return of live NBA games, everything tips off on Thursday, July 30. From pointspreads and totals for the first weekend of scheduled games to the actual lineup for the upcoming playoffs, there are any number of betting options for basketball.

The league’s bubble plan in Orlando takes away any home court advantage to add more value to underdogs. It remains to be seen how the four-month layoff impacts play and the results on each game’s total score. Many of the opening total lines appear to be inflated with defense taking a backseat to high scoring action.

The NHL schedule pinpoints Aug 1 as the official restart date of their 2019/2020 season. The rest of the regular schedule has been cancelled, so all the action will be official postseason play. The two host cities for the games are Edmonton for the Western Conference games and Toronto for the Eastern Conference teams. This all-Canada affair should keep things interesting right through the Stanley Cup Finals.

Another way the online sportsbooks are ramping things up for the restart of major betting sports is added bonuses and incentives. Whether you are new to betting the games online or a seasoned vet, there are a multitude of ways to extend your betting bankroll.


Just about every online book offers a welcome bonus to new players. The amount of the actual bonus is normally tied you your first deposit into an online betting account. For example, a 100% bonus on a $100 deposit with double your initial bankroll.

The trick to finding the best welcome bonus offers lies in the total rollover requirement. This pertains to how many times your bonus must be bet to collect any winnings. Some books place the rollover requirement on your initial deposit and bonus so be sure to clarify that as well.

One of the best incentive offers out there right now is Gambler’s Insurance. Everyone bets to win. However, when more of your bets do not go as planned, you can receive a cash back refund on the net losses. Most of these incentives will refund 10 percent of your monthly net loss. From getting paid for referrals to bonuses on reloads into your account, there are a number of ways to take advantage of everything the online books throw your way. Betting is back and in a big way at your favorite online sportsbooks.