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Our Predictions For The World Cup 2018

With the World Cup rolling around again this summer, punters are already prepared to declare their stakes and place their bets using the best online casinos. In the last world cup, we saw several surprises, especially with Brazil falling extremely short against Germany. We've studied the form of each competitor in this year's World Cup, and come to a decision of which teams will perform well, and stretched even further to decipher who will be making it to the grand final on the 15th July.

Group A: Egypt & Uruguay

Uruguay usually perform commendably in the football championships, however we'd declare that Egypt have the edge due to the undeniable top form of Mohamed Salah. Currently playing for Liverpool, Salah has taken his rightful spot on the podium as top goal scorer in the Premier League so far, undoubtedly leading Liverpool to 3rd in the league at the time of writing. At the age of 25, Salah certainly isn't a spring chicken in the football industry, however Basel's former coach Yakin believes that, which the hard work and dedication that he's putting into his career, we could expect to see even greater things from him in the future.

Group C : France & Denmark

France's manager Didier Deschamps recognised that there are other teams in the World Cup this year with more dominance, however with players such as Pogba and Griezmann on top form, they certainly have a lot of potential against Denmark in the playoffs. France have a very strong midfield built around Pogba thanks to his technical ability, as well as Thomas Lemar for his commendable defensive skills. Ultimately, they could see themselves soaring up the ranks this year, however the only weakness that we can detect is the left-back position, as it's speculated that Benjamin Mendy might not recover from his knee injury in time.

Group E : Brazil & Switzerland

Brazil had a humiliating defeat against Germany in last year's World Cup, however the rise of football youngsters could save the team this year. With Gabriel Jesus taking the centre of attack, Brazil could prove to be very dominating in Group E, particularly with Gabriel receiving assistance from the full-backs Dani Alves and Marcelo. Since their defeat in the previous World Cup, Brazil's transformation has been rather astonishing. Having said that, with quick players such as Xherdan Shiri and Steven Zuber, Switzerland could have the upper hand if they play to their strengths this year.

Group G : Belgium & England

When it comes down to Belgium and England, picking a secure winner is almost an impossibility considering the top-quality form of both teams' players. Despite this though, it's indisputable that when put together, both seem to play considerably poorly. When taking a look at qualifying, Belgium certainly appear to have the upper hand considering they were unbeaten throughout every round, with 28 points from 10 games, and Lukaku becoming the country's record goal scorer. What scares supporters the most however is the lack of Kompany and Vertonghen, especially with many upcoming youngsters forming England's team for this year's World Cup. After being defeated by Iceland in 2016's Euro's though, does England really have what it takes to make their mark this year?

So, with all of our group predictions for the World Cup this year, who do we predict will make it into the final? With the undeniable technical ability of France, and Brazil's uprising since their failure in the last World Cup, we'd certainly say that they have a good chance of taking the trophy. Although, Germany could come out strong with a perfect 10 wins in the qualifiers as well as new players such as Stindl and, above all, Goretzka making their claim in the team. Only time will tell.