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What’s the perfect point spread for your business?

Is there a perfect point spread that bookie must adhere to or be doomed forever? Some say the spread should only be a 1-5 favorite. There is a lot of debate between bookies what the best spreads are and how to set them or follow them. There is certainly a lot of competition in the online gaming world and if you want to keep your clients happy and attract new clients, then you must offer competitive lines and odds. You certainly don’t want to give games away in a pursuit to score business, however, there is a fine line that must be walked. The “big boys” of the online gaming world can offer different lines then you can, and they often will. They can shave points in an effort to draw clients and they don’t care about the losses. You care, you must care, or you will be bankrupt very quickly.

  • Look, this is the kind of debate one has their buddy about who the greatest baseball player of all time is. Some say, Ruth, others say, Griffey, while others say it’s Frank Thomas. With ten different people, you will get ten different answers. What you must decide is this – what is most important to you, keeping your current client base happy, or appealing to new clients, or both? What’s the most important thing?

Lines and Odds—

  • Most bookies have been gamblers at some point in their lives. How else would they know to break into the bookie business? It’s important that you know your clients. McDonald’s has figured out that the Big Mac sells. What do they do, they sell it in every store in the world. They have also figured out that the McRib sells but not in every market. What do they do? They sell the McRib where it does well. They will not leave it on the menu where the market doesn’t bear doing so. This is how you must approach lines and odds. You must know your audience. Do you appeal to sharp players or do you appeal to the leisure player? Sharp players look for a dime line, they look for the lowest possible odds on NBA first halves and they look to save half a point here and half a point there. Again, (we can’t say this enough) know your audience. You know them by asking them.

  • You are probably not an experienced line mover or oddsmakers. That’s perfectly ok. Most bookies are not experienced in setting odds. This is why they don’t do it. Now, most bookies have been gamblers themselves so it’s only natural they will know something is off with any given line when they see it. They see it and they know it. This is when you change the line to where you want that line to be.

A1 Pay Per Head

  • When it comes to lines and odds you must be consistent. The biggest complaint that many bookies revive is soccer lines. Many bookies tend to be frightened of soccer lines and they overreact. Remember something, soccer offers a three-way-line. This makes life all the harder for the bettor. Soccer is not an easy sport to win and you must set lines that are appropriate to your player's style.

The Pay Per Head, sets the daily events for you, along with all of the lines and odds.—

  • If you are not yet online, then you must get online as quickly as possible. The pay per head providers have come along at the right time and they have made the life of bookies easier than ever before.

A fantastic pay per head is a highly affordable management tool to help you operate a successful bookie business. The cost is around $7 per head, per week. Your players can play as much as they like and you are charged just the one-time, per week fee. You get everything included. You will have a custom-built online sportsbook built for you in about a day and you pay nothing. Your clients can now bet 24-hours a day and your management does all of the work, including setting the daily lines and odds. Your life will forever be changed with a PPH.