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NFL Football betting Guide

Written by Online Casino

Betting on the NFL is a science in its own right. No doubt about it. It is a means of making money to the extent that it can provide the sharps and professional bettors with a living. Anything that one can make a living out of, diserves attention in more ways than one. Just imagine making a living without hard work, just using the grey matter that God so generously provided us all with. It's no work all play right? Heck, one might even enjoy it...

If you think making a profit out of Sports Betting - specially a large enough profit to call yourself a pro - works anything like this, then you'd better make some adjustments on the old CPU and think things over again.

Anyone who's spent a bit more than a couple of decades on this mudball we call home should by now have realized that nothing, and I mean absolutely NOTHING, comes without hard work, discipline and a lot of passion. Generally what you sow is what you reap, and nowhere is this more in-place than in sports betting.

If you intend to make a profit - be it only a small one - you'd better pick up the pen, put on your glasses, open your notebook and start working. Handicapping is a serious business, a science even -and a very ambitious one at that too. It attempts no less than to foretell the future. I guess you all agree you can't treat something like that superficially. You have to treat its mainstream ideas with the same respect as its subtleties.You have to accept the idea that you'll never be 100% right, but you also have to know that by making use of as many of the subtleties as possible you might just get good enough one day to actually lose less then you win.

Such an often overlooked element in pro football betting is recognizing the value in unpopular games. In popular games the "crowd effect" usually comes into play, and thus the bookies also focus more on those games. The money is in what the crowd likes so the bookie won't miss the chance to cash in on it.

I think we're all familiar with what a magician does. He distracts attention with something very spectacular ( wild gesturing, a pretty assistant, etc.) only to perform the real action hidden from public attention. A few subtle moves can make for a lot more than all the wild gesturing and pretty assistants combined.

This is what one has to achieve with the " boring" NFL matchups. Often there is serious value in them no one seems to recognize because of all the stir surrounding the other - much more interesting game - taking place at the same time. Saturday - Sunday evening games are generally widely bet on, so one should ignore these completely when going after " the hidden value". The interesting matchups come on during the week, and the ideal case is when they come paired with a high-interest game. That can be the " decoy" that distracts the masses, leaving the good value " boring" game to the few sharps who know how to make the best of it.

"Why is there good value in these games ? " one might ask. Simply because the bookie always goes where the crowd goes, and since the crowd couldn't care less about these games the bookie won't either.

Sports betting can be a lot of fun as long as one's sole aim is not to make a living off it. You might just get there one day, but keep in mind that it's also a risky business and don't get into it way over your head. Never bet more that you can afford to lose, when losing , better brush up on the handicapping instead of sending more of your money into harm's way.

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