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The Notre Dame Fighting Irish started off winning two games as they won 42-21 against the Pitt Panthers. That following week they beat the Michigan Wolverines 17-10, a record two wins on the road by a Notre Dame Head Coach in College Football since 1918. The Irish were doing well before the Fiesta Bowl against Ohio State. This year will be different if not the same as last year as they averaged 477 YPG and 37 PPG. Quarter Back Brady Quinn the star of the team has returned with an unparalleled 32 -7 TD/INT ratio. Wide Receiver Jeff Samardzija and Rhema Mcknight, his most desired targets, are also back in the line up this year. The Running Back units are looking in top shape as they can expect the return of Daruis Walker and new comer, Running Back James Aldridge who was the 2nd rated prospect in the country.

The prospect for a Championship title has not been up for grabs since 1988 for the Irish. They must play their finest on the field and surpass the Trojans. Their schedule may not be their best advantage but they get to host 4 of their 6 games at home and hopefully be well rested.

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Not since 1906-1908 has a NAVY MIDSHIPMEN team had three eight-plus winning seasons in a row. Since his career as Head Coach began, Paul Johnson has done an incredible job at the Naval Academy, accumulating an impressive 26-20 Straight Up mark. Only five starters returned from the 2004 squad and posted a 9-2 overall mark and were able to play an incredible offensive attack that averaged 34 PPG and lost only one home game. This season may be looking very memorable for the Annapolis, with 16 starters returning to the line-up. They are knowledgeable in every aspect of the game. Their Running Back is fully loaded in offense and head coach Johnson's most skilled and experienced offensive line ever. By staying healthy, the Navy Academy will have a successful 2006 year. The high turnover rate the NAVY MIDSHIPMEN face every year would add to the significant accomplishment of reaching a bowl game in 2006..

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The ARMY BLACK KNIGHTS started out at 0-6 but then seemed to turn things around and won 3 of 4 games to close out the season. They bettered Head Coach Bobby Ross's initial season but still have a ways to go. They shut out Akron and beat Air Force for the first time since 1992 and had twice as many wins as a season ago. They are looking to implement an option attack on offense this year. The entire 2-deep returns on the offensive line, with lots of healthy Running Backs available. The wide receiving unit is very seasoned but unfortunately it will most likely see a drop in numbers due to the change in offensive strategies. The defense is the best that Army has had to offer in a very long time. The secondary is very young and will need some time to mesh together. 16 starters are coming back from last year and The ARMY BLACK KNIGHTS could make something happen in 2006. Defense has improved every year under Head Coach Ross, and this year is no different especially with a solid defensive unit like the one they possess. The offense will have a hard time learning the new schemes but it will improve as the year goes along. For the first time in a decade The ARMY BLACK KNIGHTS have a chance of an appearance on Bowl week.

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