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Alligator Arrogance and World Series Analysis

By Jordan Adams and Drew Mangione of Doc's Sports Picks

Each week two of Doc's Sports football aficionados will give their alternating perspectives on the key games and interesting issues in the game at both the college and professional levels. You may not agree, they may not agree, but it should be interesting!

Here's this week's topics:

UCLA at No. 18 Oregon (-10)

Drew: I'm on the East Coast, but there's no bias here: The PAC-10 is as strong as any conference in college football. How can you not respect a conference with USC, Oregon, Cal, UCLA and Washington? They deserve the respect and unfortunately one of these teams will lose. The Ducks are angry coming off a loss and UCLA, without its starting quarterback, will make this less competitive than it should be, but don't take anything away from the conference.

Prediction: Oregon 34, UCLA 17

Jordan: The Ducks were cruising until they ran into a Cal team on another level. To have any shot at the Pac-10 title, Oregon needs to win out and get some help. This game could have been close, but Monday's news of starting Bruin quarterback Ben Olsen being out at least a month with a torn MCL rules that thought out. Now Dennis Dixon will take last game's frustrations out on a secondary that is still unproven. Playing in Eugene this game will be all Quack Attack.

Prediction: Oregon 34, UCLA 13

No. 2 Florida at No. 11 Auburn (-1)

Drew: Fine. Be that way. The damn alligator made me look like a fool last week and I don't care. I'll pick against these pricks every time. I'm on tilt against Florida and I don't know what to do. I'll lose my shirt betting like this, but shit, can you really take a school seriously when they make a distinguished and intimidating animal such as an alligator into some whorish blue "gator"? This is why I prefer the NFL. At least there I can forget that Lito Sheppard and Rex Grossman actually chose such a corny school.

Prediction: Auburn 17, Florida 14

Jordan: Florida is looking to do what Auburn head coach Tommy Tuberville said couldn't be done: run the table in the SEC. Tuberville seemingly jinxed his team when he was quoted a couple of days before the Arkansas loss saying basically that. If the Gators can sneak past a po'ed Tigers squad, then a home date at Georgia could basically decide their BCS title dreams. Once again both defenses in this SEC showdown will get the better of the offenses. However, freshman sensation Tim Tebow brings another dimension to the table, something Brandon Cox cannot replicate.

Prediction: Florida 23, Auburn 17

Who's your favorite character left in the Playoffs

Drew: If I could interview one person playing in these playoffs, it would be Julio Franco. What's better than having a bench player who has seen it all? I'd ask him what it was like jogging around the bases to be the oldest player in history to hit a home run. I'd ask him how he thinks he got Carlos Beltran to relax and play up to his ability. I'd ask him how the invention of electricity affected the schedules of major leaguers. I'd ask him how he felt missing the best years of his career while waiting for integration. I'd ask him how it was that Columbus's ships weren't burned in the docks. I'd ask him if he owes Adam and Eve any money.

Prediction: Franco ends up being the oldest player to hit a cycle over the course of the playoffs

Jordan: I called Oakland winning the World Series back in April. With me all over Oakland from day one, I love them from here on out. They face a stern test in Detroit but they have a great pitching staff to counter the Tigers. The batting order is solid 1-9 with young guns Swisher and Chavez, not to mention the resurgence of the Big Hurt. Oakland is the team to beat in my eyes.

Prediction: Oakland in 6 in LCS, Oakland in 6 over Mets in World Series.

Carolina at Baltimore (-3)

Drew: This is a tough one, but in the end, I go with the girlfriend's advice. See, she's from North Carolina and has Steve Smith on her fantasy team. She pointed out that since he's been back, the Panthers are not only undefeated, but have seen an improved performance by the defense -- more so than the offense. Of course, I've also been heavily sedated tonight and may have just put these words in her mouth, except her incessant chants of "Go Tar Heels!" If it was her, me or the ghost of that guy Ray Lewis saw get murdered, I have a good feeling the cats will eat these birds for a second time in another low scoring affair.

Prediction: Panthers 16, Ravens 10

Jordan: The Panthers are back at 3-2. They still are below Chicago and Philadelphia, but Carolina has bounced back to be one of the NFC's top teams. Baltimore's defense looked good against the Broncos and had it not been for McNair's interceptions and a shanked punt giving Denver great field position, it's a completely different game. The Panthers offense has improved drastically with Steve Smith back, however Baltimore is awfully tough at home. McNair will rebound but it will be the two defenses dictating the ball game.

Prediction: Carolina 17, Baltimore 16

Seattle (-3) at St. Louis

Drew: The Seahawks' road to the Super Bowl was paved with crappy teams in their division rolling over and serving as compost for a blossoming team. However, times have changed and the rest of the division is not far from respectable. In this match-up, the 'Hawks are without a touchdown deficient Shaun Alexander and the Rams are without Mike Martz, both of which go as plusses for STL. Still, I think the boys from Seattle squeak this one out.

Prediction: Seahawks 28, Rams 17

Jordan: Don't look now but the Rams are in first place. Granted they haven't played anyone, but wins are wins in the NFL. They get the Seahawks in the dome and the offense is slowly starting to resemble the 'Greatest Show on Turf' with Marc Bulger playing out of his mind. As good as St. Louis is playing, Seattle isn't going to lose two in a row, especially with two weeks to prepare. The Seahawks will still be one-dimensional without Alexander but will be thankful to see anyone on defense except the Bears.

Prediction: Seattle 24, St. Louis 21

Jordan and Drew will be going Head-to-Head every Thursday. If you have any comments or questions for them, or any topics that you'd like discussed, email us at

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