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Wild Weekend Ahead in the NFL

By Jordan Adams and Drew Mangione of Doc's Sports Predictions

Each week two of Doc's Sports gambling aficionados will give their alternating perspectives on the key games and interesting issues in the game at both the college and professional levels. You may not agree, they may not agree, but it should be interesting!

Here are this week's topics:

Dallas (+3) at Seattle (8:30 p.m., Saturday, Jan. 6)

Drew: Bill Parcells was supposed to be the Messiah. He's used up the frankincense to laud his arrival, Jerry Jones has spent the gold to bring in the players, and now it's time for the Myrrh - the incense used by Romans at funerals to mask the stench of the rotting corpse. Terrell Owens has proven to be a net full of polluted fish and is just postponing the inevitable. Oh, and is anyone else upset that Tony Romo has forced us to learn about American Idol while watching Sportscenter?

Prediction: Seahawks 24, Cowboys 14

Jordan: It's a battle of teams that seemed to back into the playoffs. Both finished the regular season 1-3 and backers of either must be worried. Seattle has been tough at home the past couple years but I don't think they can beat Dallas in a shootout. After several sketchy games, Tony Romo will get things under control and use all his weapons accordingly. Remember, this is a win or go home scenario, and Parcells will have his soldiers ready.

Prediction: Dallas 31, Seattle 27

New York (+7) at Philadelphia (4:30 p.m., Sunday, Jan. 7)

Drew: Can you name a little brother that surpassed his superstar big brother? Remember Albert King or Gerald Wilkins? Where's Marcus Vick headed? Is Dazzy Dean in the hall? When big brothers have been average, little brothers have excelled, but I can't think of a major team sport tandem of brothers (other than twins) to each excel in modern sports. Sorry, Eli, but your fate is set beneath the expectations your brother created.

Prediction: Eagles 21, Giants 13

Jordan: Let's face it, a win against Washington doesn't give much dap to a Giants team that had previously fell on their face. Yes, New York being in the playoffs should scare everyone else because when they choose to show up they can beat anyone. The thing is, they haven't shown up often in the second half of the season. Philly is on a roll and they didn't put together this run just to choke at home. The Jeff Garcia train keeps a rollin' while Eli Manning plays like the little boy that he is. Oh, Tom Coughlin, ya fired!

Prediction: Philadelphia 23, New York 20

What's your New Year's Gambling Resolution?

Drew: I have resolved to cut the cord. Have you ever made a bet that you were sure would win, but when you didn't, you compounded things by following it up the next week with a call based on your emotions, not logic? Well, I've had a run of that in poker against players my ego said I should beat and if you've tracked some of my picks and rationale, you've seen the same. It's been a rough year.

Prediction: I relax and regain my Hold'em skills and pull close to even for the NFL season.

Jordan: I don't bet, so hoping to hit a 12-team parlay isn't too high of a priority. However, my wish is for the public to accept gambling for what it is. Most of society just assumes it as taboo and something that is linked with delinquency and addiction. But it is actually no different than the stock market. Certainly the gains or losses can be much quicker than investing in the NASDAQ or Dow Jones, however it truly is no riskier if you have control. The government's role in outlawing or restricting this level of entertainment is just sad.

Prediction: Enjoy betting and have fun with it, because you're so money you don't even know it.

Kansas City Chiefs (+7) at Indianapolis Colts (4:30 p.m., Saturday, Jan. 6)

Drew: This week my boy Herm Edwards will be relying heavily on Larry Johnson, an equal opportunity battering ram. The league's second leading rusher pummeled a porous St. Louis's defensive front for 172 yards and a touchdown and scraped together 120 yards against the vaunted Baltimore Ravens. Unfortunately, he may just score quickly enough to keep Indy in this.

Prediction: Chiefs 35, Colts 31

Jordan: It would be easy to say Peyton and the Colts offense will cruise against the 9-7 Chiefs. However, they were my preseason pick to make it to Miami and I'm not backing down from this David vs. Goliath match-up. Plus, you play to win the game. Larry Johnson should touch the ball at least 40 times, and if he does they will keep this game within a score all game. One mistake by Peyton and this game goes to the Chiefs. Indy has everything to lose and nothing to gain; at least until they prove they can get to the Super Bowl.

Prediction: Kansas City 26, Indianapolis 24

New York (+9) at New England (1 p.m., Sunday, Jan. 7)

Drew: Bill Belichick seems to view Eric Mangini, whose belly does not fit his last name which means "Little Eater," differently than the other assistants that moved on. It could be because he's coaching in the division or because Eric only served one year as defensive coordinator, leaving Bill to find a new coordinator for a second straight year. Whatever the reason, the disrespect motivated the Jets in the last game. Now he's using Eric's full name in interviews, as though he doesn't know him. That will motivate the Jets again, but in the end, even this proud Jet fan cannot bet against Tom Brady.

Prediction: Patriots 24, Jets 21, and for the record, my name fits my belly: "Big Eater."

Jordan: It's the Jedi master against his Jedi apprentice. Eric Mangini has done the job of all jobs this year with the Jets and they are the Cinderella story of the AFC. New England has quietly put together a strong 12-4 year with not much hype outside of their leader Tom Brady. It's going to be awfully tough to come into New England and steal a win. I don't think they do it but no way this Pats team can cover this large a number.

Prediction: Patriots 27, New York 23.

Jordan and Drew will be going Head-to-Head every Thursday. If you have any comments or questions for them, or any topics that you'd like discussed, email us at

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