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Sports: Blessing or Curse for the NBA Industry?

eSports industry

The eSports industry has meanwhile caught up strongly and developed into a serious pillar of the betting industry, with the likes of How are eSports betting handled legally? And how high is the share of virtual sports betting compared to betting in general?

The Continuing Success of eSports & eSports betting

The constant availability of events to bet on is just one of the advantages of virtual sports. Whereas dog racing was the main component of the betting offer in the UK and worldwide, betting options on real dog races are almost impossible to find anymore.

Apart from the animal rights reasons, it is the eSports offers that have slowly but surely crept into the betting offers of online bookmakers year after year. No wonder betting on dog races is thus possible around the clock and that betting is experiencing increasing demand.

But virtual sports are much more than digitized dog and horse racing. Meanwhile, multi-player games, such as Assassins Creed, or eSports football games have managed to gain popularity.

While real-life football matches require real-time gameplay, eSports football matches can be watched around the clock. It is part of the concept of eSports to provide constantly available betting matches. By starting the matches in real-time, a continuous betting market with high topicality is provided.

What Exactly is Meant by eSports?

Simply put: eSports are digitized matches whose outcome is left to chance or is based on the skill of real players.

The beginnings of the virtual sports market can be found in Asia. The basis was and still is strategy games, which attract and retain eSports customers with ever greater detail and larger competitions and winnings.

The growth of the virtual sports scene can be explained by the rapid technological advances in streaming and internet techniques and technologies. The significantly improved graphics, sounds, and game concepts of the technical end devices then round off the success results of eSports.

In the meantime, one can and must speak of leading virtual sports platforms. On average, 80,000 tournaments can be played or followed on one of the most successful gaming platforms, the ESL, Electronic Sports League.

More than 6.7 million registered members and thus potential players can already be found here. At the betting providers, game matches or sports matches from the Electronic Sports League, ESL for short, can then be found.

The Extreme Development and Complexity of the eSports Betting Markets

It was not until the early 2000s that unofficial eSports world championships such as the Electronic Sports Worldcup, ESWC for short, and the World Cyber Games, WCG for short, emerged.

Over 15 years later, virtual teams, clubs, and other tournaments with real members have become established. With average high payout rates for eSports, not only betting on eSports matches is worthwhile, but also direct participation as a player.

Winners of eSports tournaments can now expect to win millions. These developments and financial amounts alone show the economic dimensions among business men of the eSports sector. And in our opinion and eSports experience, the end of success is still a long way off. Basically, we can speak of players and spectators, in short, the competition customers.

Crowds of spectators that can be seen at real sports matches in the Champions League can now also be found at important eSports finals. Then entire halls or stadiums are filled and the course of the eSports game or virtual sports match is broadcast and experienced on huge monitors with first-class graphics and an overwhelming sound system.