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bet365poker player lands on the money in Vegas!

A Swedish sales manager paid $6 in a bet365poker satellite and ended up winning $113,000 in the WTP.

Amateur poker player Jonas Norrman from ׳tersund in Sweden signed up for a $6 WTP satellite at bet365poker and ended up finishing fifth place in the main event, landing $113,000 in prize money. With a 1-year-old daughter and plans to build a new house for his family, there are plenty of things for Jonas to spend his winnings on.

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"It feels amazing and I still can't believe that I have won all this money. I was very nervous during the tournament and could neither eat nor sleep during the week" said Jonas when we caught up with him.

He continued: "I had a great time playing poker in the bet365poker qualifier for the WPT. I felt very confident when I played in the bet365poker satellite and I started off playing tight and became more aggressive as the tournament progressed. It's also interesting that the strategy I used in the bet365poker satellite worked well in the live tournament as well".

Such comments indicate that playing online poker is a great way to prepare and train for live tournaments. Jonas was introduced to poker only 3 years ago by his brother and now boasts 22 online tournament victories and a 5th place in the WPT. He does not yet have any plans to go professional but would consider a semi-pro poker career in the future. "It's important for me to have balance in life and I would miss working with co-workers and being with my family if I turned professional" he said.

Jonas is not a student of calculating odds in every hand but instead uses his instincts to evaluate every situation and change his strategy depending on who he meets and the stage of the tournament. "To play poker, you need to have a basic understanding of the odds but I do not calculate implied odds for every hand but instead use my instincts and choose to play the cards and my opponents rather then relying on statistics. The nature of the game changes in different stages of the tournament and just using statistics would mean only using one strategy" he told bet365poker.

With summer coming up and plans to build a new house for his family, the prize money of $113,000 is a welcome addition. "Even a week after the event I still can't believe that I won all this money but it feels amazing. I remember being very nervous during the tournament breaks but I was very calm and relaxed when I played poker. In the week after the WPT final, my phone has been ringing constantly and many of my friends are now asking for online poker advice" he said.

With Jonas Norrman's fantastic online and offline record, it's surely a matter of time before we see his name appear in WSOP, WPT and EPT tournaments again.

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