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Pay Per Head

Everything You Need to Know About Tennis Wagering

Tennis is considered to be a fantastic sport to bet on for more than a few reasons, but literally thousands of bettors that want to make you pay the price. You may be aware of the opportunities that are available with tennis or you may not be. We want to share with you a few of the highlights of offering tennis and how you can make more than just a few extra bucks, but a small fortune if you play your cards right. There are umpteen tennis wagering options available on most online sportsbooks, are you cashing in with your clients?

We do not expect you to become a tennis betting guru and we are not going to explain how betting on tennis works. That’s another chapter for another time. What we do want to show you here is how to make the most of tennis betting opportunities and what tennis wagering options that you should be offering to your clients. This doesn’t mean that you don’t want to know the ins and outs of the wager itself, it simply means that you do not need to know how every wager works or why. What’s important to know is the basic wager and what wagers are the most popular.

First and Foremost: If you are a local bookie that has not yet made it to the online market, then you must get online now. No matter what you offer your clients or how many clients you may have; you must be online in order to retain your base. The gambling business has moved online, and betting clients love it because they can bet on anything, they like 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. If you are not offering an online sportsbook, you can rest assured that your clients are spending big bucks elsewhere. They are probably still using your services on some level but simply not telling you when they are cheating! Stop this right now with the use of a fantastic Pay Per Head.

The Pay Per head industry has come along and taken over the internet. They rule the roost when it comes to the online gaming market. Most online sportsbooks are operated under the blanket of a Pay Per head or at least under the original concept.

Read the latest Pay Per Head reviews and see what the hubbub is all about. Find a great one, call them and start your online bookie business today for $7 per head. It’s affordable and they do everything for you. They offer a turnkey service that includes a racebook and full casino. Your customers will love you and you will love the freedom that a PPH provides.

What Tennis Betting Options that You Must Offer— Handicap Betting: This type of betting is by far the most popular of all tennis bets and you will see more action from this bet than any other tennis bets on the market. You must offer it.

Correct Score Betting: Another popular way to bet tennis and an option that you will want to offer because it gives you a very big advantage. Most players that bet on tennis do so because they are tennis players themselves and they think that because of their knowledge of the game, they will be able to beat you. They may beat you from time to time but certainly not 52-65% of the time. That’s the percentage they need to beat you by, just to beat the juice. Correct score betting will kill them.

Totals: You must offer the totals on the number of games a match will go. This is a big money-maker and one that’s tough for the players to win consistently on.

Match Props: Props are a great way in which to earn a pile of cash from your clients. Remember, they think they know it all and they will bet what they know. Offer Props and you will be the winner, not them. Tennis is a sport you must offer, and you must offer more than simply the Grand Slams, and the most well-known players. The Pay Per Head can steer you in the right direction and in fact, they will offer tennis on a daily basis and set the lines and odds for you. Call the PPH today and start making big money from your tennis gamblers.

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