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What is the Price You are Looking For?

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At times, cheap is expensive. But, it can save you a lot of money if you make the right choice. Cheap pay per head (PPH) services attract many novice and small bookmakers.

They offer them several betting markets as they strive to increase their revenue. The following is a detailed review of the price per head of three leading PPH providers.


PayPerHead247 is popular despite starting its operations less than a decade ago. Its pay per head product outshines those of many other older PPH sites.


The PPH site's rates start at $10 per player. You will get incredible features and services. PayPerHead247 offers bookies with many clients a discount.

You won't pay any commission or share your revenue once you spend $10 for each active punter. The company will provide reporting features and unlimited customer support. It displays all charges on its website.


PayPerHead247 has experienced odds compilers who set lines for different sports. Still, your players can play casino games and place horse racing wagers.

You can deactivate the racebook and casino features if you want to concentrate on sports gambling. But, the house always has an edge in most casino games, and each player will get an all-in-one solution.

It isn't necessary to buy betting software once you pay PayPerHead247's fee. Also, you don't have to hire clerks to process wagers. The company has a call center that processes bets in case a gambler wants to place call-in wagers.

You can customize the site's software by modifying and disabling any feature. For instance, you can change a player's betting limit or line.

Premier Per Head

The company has a simple system that suits amateurs. It allows bookmakers to streamline various betting operations and create more products.


Premier Per Head charges a weekly fee for each gambler who placed bets in its system. You don't have to make lease agreements or pay any setup costs upfront. One of its managers will call you once you sign up to inquire about your bookie's needs and advice you on the best price structure.

You will get a one-month free trial of Premier Per Head's software and later pay the PPH fee if it has satisfied you.


Premier Per Head has an efficient interface with a broad selection of betting options that resemble those of leading sportsbooks that use API and DGS software. They include alternative lines, halftime wagers, exotic bets, futures, and proposition bets. The company covers all leagues and sports.

The sharp line software changes numbers when major bookmakers move them, preventing the "steam" from burning you. Premier Per Head's call center accepts phone wagers. You can dial a toll-free number to contact the customer representatives.

Ace Per Head

Ace Per Head has vast experience in the gambling industry. It often offers player and accounting reports that help you monitor your budget.


It charges $10 per gambler, per week upwards. Different services have varying rates. Hence, it is prudent to select "phone-in-wagering" if you cannot afford the weekly fee.

Ace Per Head doesn't have hidden costs. Its English-speaking representatives respond to each customer's queries.


The PPH company has a one-month free software trial. Its software is customizable and user-friendly, thus suitable for all bookmakers. Moreover, Ace Per Head ensures that your business is over 95 percent operational throughout.

Contracting an experienced PPH agent can help grow your business, especially if you lack experience in managing casino gaming and sports gambling activities. It is advisable to consider a provider's price and quality of services before you hire them to avoid losing clients. PayPerHead247, Premier Per Head, and Ace Per Head have the most affordable pay per head rates.

Head to our favorite pay per head bookie site at before making the pick.