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We can help you maximize your profits for your business

Pay Per Head

Here, we can help you maximize profits for your business. Have you thought about the best way to find an online presence? You must be online if you care about earning a great income. This bookie gig is a fun one until you start losing. Nobody enjoys losing money. The fact of the matter is this… if you are a bookie, there are going to be times when you lose. Vegas loses, and everyone loses from time to time. The question is, how do you procure profits that outweigh losses, regularly? You must have the right tools in place to keep your profits margins high. Here is what you need…

  • An online bookmaking site. Your clients will love you because now, they can bet 24/7 and they don’t have to call you to get their bets in. You are taking their deposit in one fashion or another and they are gambling. Hopefully, you are taking a lot of deposits. You need your clients to lose and lose often. You also want them to win occasionally. Gamblers are superstitious people and if all they do is lose, they will find a new bookie, very quickly.

  • No matter what comes down the pike, COVID, or any other earth-shattering problem, gamblers still gamble. They are looking for action and if you are available with that action, you will earn big profits.

  • The casino has become a favorite. You want this, you need this, and you must have this. The casino is your best friend. Many bookies pass on a casino because they think it’s high maintenance. This is simply not true. You do nothing. All you do is watch the profits roll in. The best price per head providers are now offering the racebook and casino for free of charge.

  • You will get a custom-built gaming website that features the best sportsbook along with a Las Vegas-style casino that features all of the hottest slots and your player's favorite table games. They even offer live dealers. Your player gets it all and they never have to leave home. The casino is a guaranteed winner based on the player paybacks. The players feel as if they are winning on nearly every spin of the reels. The machine always pays something, but rarely the risk amount. You must have a casino at any time, but especially now. Players are itching for action and they don’t have sports, give them a casino. You can’t give them many choices on the street.

  • The racebook is another must-have… You need and want to have horse bettors. They will bring you money on a daily basis. Horse bettors rarely spend much money, however, they bet all day and they rarely beat the house. Find a per head that offers a great racebook.

  • Find a PPH that is willing to go the extra mile to help you manage your players. Management is the key to bookies' success. You must know what your players are doing at all times if they are winning, losing, not playing. How can you get them playing, what can you do if they are beating you? The tools that you will find such as player reports, these are the tools that can help you to maximize profits.

  • Lines and odds are also a key factor when it comes to earning big profits consistently. You are probably not an experienced line mover or oddsmaker, this is ok, most bookies are not. Most bookies are experienced gamblers, they know every which way to bet and this is a good thing.

The pay per head is the bookie's meal ticket to big profits. They organize your job and your life. If you want happiness and contentment doing what you do as a bookie, then you must place yourself on the right track to success. The only affordable way to see an online presence is with the use of a PPH. They do everything for you. They are the bookie; you simply fire up the computer every day. Call the PPH today and get started for around $7-$10 per head.

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