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Tricks to Beat the Bookies, How gamblers think they can beat You

Since the dawn of time, gamblers and bookies have been doing battle. Gambling on sports goes back to ancient Rome, Greece, and certainly before AD. The look has certainly changed, the method has changed, and the sports have changed, the idea has not. The guy called the bookie is trying to make as much as he possibly can and he wants the players to go broke feeding their habit. The gambler wants to win every bet he makes and most go into every event they bet, thinking they will indeed do that. There should be a method to your madness; a bookie strategy that works. If you do not have one, find one quick, and one that works. Here are a few friendly tips.

A1 Price Per Head

The first and obvious tool that gamblers carry with them to your betting site, or to the local watering hole back on the block – is knowledge. Today’s sports gambler is much more knowledgeable than ever before. Why? They have a wealth of information at their fingertips and they can find that information in around 30-seconds. Solid sports betting information is available from reliable sources, everywhere on the web.

What can you do to combat the wealth of information? Offer your own. Really, offer free picks, offer short articles on the biggest games and events going on for the day, week or weekend. This will go miles in your effort to keep your players in-house.

Your strategy is to go after what the gamblers are looking for, or at least what they think they are looking for. Give them what they can get on ESPN, or CBS or any other sports betting advise site. You may think you are doing them favor and from time to time this may be true. This is not your concern, your concern in cross-action and keeping the players in the fold.

You make a living off of the juice and getting the players to make that deposit and commit to your site is the real battle Forget about what players think they know or what they don’t know. What you need is players! You must have players and they must be playing or you have absolutely no chance to earn real money.

Gamblers think they can beat you with teasers, parlays and exotic bets. They think they can beat you with reverse action, reduced juice, and prop bets We have news for you – find the players, give them a few tips on what games to play and what bets look hot, and you will be the winner in the long run. Gamblers have big egos. They want to “sink your ship” and they believe they can. They may hit a bet or two, that’s ok, and in fact, you want them to win every once in a while or they will leave you.

Sports gamblers are no different than Blackjack players They will sit down at the table and if they win a hand or two they keep playing. Once they start losing, and losing some more, and losing again, they will get tired of losing and find a new table with a new dealer. This is how gambling works. They will be back. Again, give them a few tips to go on and let them feel as if you are in their corner. Be a cheerful loser. If they beat you, pay them immediately. Follow the rules that you have set for your sports book and pay them when they should be paid. This ingrains confidence and guarantees a return trip – this guarantees loyalty.

Find a great pay per head to latch onto. Bookies have a tough job and the last thing you need to be worried about is “busy work” For around $7 per head, per week, you can have the best bookie software in the industry and be up and operating with a custom-built, online sports book, within a day or two. Call the pay per head provider today and ask for a free trial. Why not start earning what you are worth, a six-figure income?

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