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The Best Pay Per Head Bookie Software

The best pay per head providers on the internet are now offering fantastic startup deals that include a 4-week free trial. If you are a bookie and have given thought to do business with a PPH, then you must check out the benefits of using sportsbook software.

Pay Per Head

  • The pay per head is the software: Bookies that have not done business with a PPH are often confused when they hear the terminology “software”.
  • How the software works: The PPH providers are companies that have created software specifically for a bookie to manage their business with. If you sign up with a PPH, you are signing up to use their software on your computer or mobile device, from a remote location.
  • Example: You live in Tampa Bay, Florida. You see a great PPH offering its services and you decide to try them. You may be a bookie with 1 client, no clients (hoping to find some) or you may have hundreds of clients. When you sign up with a PPH, you will be given a 4-week free trial. With this free trial comes all the bells and whistles of the real-working product. There is nothing to download and no site-building of any sort. You don't have to be a programmer and you do not need any technical skills other than knowing how to turn on a desktop/laptop computer and operate a mouse. Really, this software is this easy and it’s “point and click”. The software is operated entirely on a desktop or mobile app.

  • What does the software do? The software is the sportsbook, it is the bookie. The software is doing your job! The software is set up to organize daily sporting events into a readable and usable online sportsbook. You will get a real-working .com address. This address is where your clients will log in and use their personal accounts. This sportsbook is like any online sportsbook. You will have the master control and you can log in at any time and work within the software at any time of day or night. Your clients may log in and bet with you at any time of day or night and if you have set up a way for your clients to deposit electronically, they may deposit at any time of day or night.
  • The software organized your clients into exclusive private accounts. You will know how much money is in their account at all times and you will know how much they spend at all times. You will have the ability to limit their bets at any time as well as change the lines and odds at any time.
  • The PPH software organizes each day’s events for you and sets the lines and odds. You will have control to change the lines and odds at any time you wish. The job is automatically done for you each day.
  • The software also gives you on-demand reports. These reports tell you exactly what every active player is doing. They tell you how much the player has spent daily, weekly, and monthly. The reports also tell you if the player is “up” on the house if they are losing and if so, how much they are down. The PPH gives you control over your financial destiny.
  • A bookie's job is much more than taking somebody’s money and hoping they lose. As a bookie you have many daily tasks to perform and you must do them with proficiency. The daily sporting events are a major, time-consuming element that you must consider carefully. You may be accustomed to the idea of your clients calling you and asking you what the line is on any given event. If you want to keep your sanity, and if you want to find the time to build your business and earn new clients, then you must get out of the old and into the new.
  • A bookies job is fun if you have the right management software in place, it’s a nightmare if you have nothing. You need a plan that will take you from bumbling and fumbling for the next wager, to efficiently allowing a manager to run your business. The beauty of this; the manager is software. It won’t talk back, it won’t hate your ideas and it will fight for you.

Call today. Ask them about a free trial and find out exactly what they can do to help you grow your business. We are in the thick of the busy season, now is the time to move and establish yourself.

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