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Tips for Becoming a Successful Bookie

A1 Price Per Head

A bookie's job is not always easy and for anybody that says it is; they have probably never been much of a bookie! This gig can be difficult, it can be time-consuming, and it can be all-encompassing. If you are a local bookie then you certainly know the demands of your players and you know the day-to-day tasks that are required of you. Sports gamblers are demanding people and they want their bet in right now and it’s usually at the last minute just before the game is going off the board. This is the very nature of the gambling business and you must be all things to all people, all of the time. When a client wants to make a bet at 4:00 AM, are you available? When they want their bet graded at 1:00 Am so they can bet again, are you available? You must be available if your goal is anywhere close to making money. This business is all about money and you want to earn a lot of it. Is there an easy way, is there a way around all the hassle? We have found an “easy button” and we have found the easy way to become a bookie that earns money quickly and easily.

The Pay Per Head

  • The pay per head providers have come on strong over the last few years because they are a cut above the competition, There simply is no competition and we can’t think of any reasonable way for any local bookie to find an online presence, beyond the use of a pay per head.

  • The alternative to a pay per head would be to start your own website. Of course, you can do this very easily. Well, let’s rephrase that… You can purchase a domain name in less than 5-minutes from at least 100- different domain name providers and you can do it for less than $10. That’s the easy part. The hard part is building a site that works and operates correctly as an online sportsbook.

  • Have you looked at one of the major, online-players? Sure you have, you have probably bet on their sites yourself. You know how complicated these websites are and you know how encompassing they are. Just imagine that you are trying to build a comparable site. Would it be possible on your own? Sure, if you are an experienced programmer, coder, and site-builder. Even if you do possess all of that much-needed experience, it’s still going to cost you hundreds of labor hours either building the site alone or hiring help. The hired help will cost you a minimum of $25 an hour and we are talking on the conservative side. Can you afford this kind of time and/or money? Who can? This is how you can go it all alone. This is the only way we know around the use of a pay per head.

  • The pay per head providers have come up with a bookie software program that’s easy to use and that requires no programming, no coding, no site-building… All that’s required is the ability to point and click. That’s it. All you do is click a desktop/mobile app and start accepting wagers on your very own, online sportsbook, racebook, and casino. You get all three for the price of one in a turnkey package.

  • No longer will you need to worry about accepting wagers at all hours of the day and night. You will no longer have to grade bet slips or worry about your money. The PPH takes care of everything for you. The bookie software is an innovative tool that is all-inclusive.

  • A fantastic racebook is essential to your bottom line as well as a Las Vegas-style casino. You must have both to balance your income earning potential. You can have them for free and you can have them tomorrow! The PPH providers have made the process this easy.

Call the best PPH provider now and ask them for a free trial. They will happily give you the full-on free trial for 4-weeks and once you do become a paying client, you can expect to pay around $7 per head. You can’t continue the madness and expect to earn a six-figure income. Call the PPH today and start earning what you’re worth.

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