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The real betting trends in today's business

As it happens in any other business in the world, sports betting is going through important and exciting changes, day after day. New processes, dynamics and trends are being set right now in this multi-million-dollar business, and it’s important that you and your operation are ready to face these changes and offer your players what they’re looking for.

The sportsbook industry is not the same today, to what it was 10, or even 5 years ago. Things are quite different, not only for players, but also for us in the back end, so, it’s vital that we are aware of these updates and changes and are looking forward to improving and look for max benefits for both parts.

Mobile-first is the biggest trend in sports betting

It’s no surprise that the sports betting world moves through smartphones nowadays. Players from all over the world are accessing their mobile devices not once or twice, but constantly, multiple times every single day, and we, as bookmakers, have the responsibility to live up to the times and be able to offer them the best possible mobile experience.

Sports betting is about fun and excitement, it’s about seizing the moment, identifying and advantage and moving forward on it, live. Sports bettors need a reliable service like which can guarantee them they will find what they want to bet on at any time of the day. From the office, from the car, from the stadium, from home or at the airport, gamblers from all over the world expect to log into your platform and be able to place a bet after just a couple of clicks.

A1 Price Per Head

Live betting is king in today’s bookmaking

Up until just a few years ago, pre-game betting was still the usual in any sportsbook in the world, while Live Betting was just an extra, that some of the players were looking for. Things have reversed and now, live betting is just what the sports betting industry demands. Once a game kicks off, the fun is just starting for regular players who want to have fun and enjoy the excitement of betting the play-by-play.

Price per Head platforms like the one offers you, are ready to give you full backup and support, so that your business thrives and evolves into what people are really looking for, making sure that you’re offering every single market available to play at any given time.

Bonus: Cryptocurrencies are also a trend

As the business itself evolves and becomes a much bigger animal than ever, you must be aware that payment methods are also evolving and developing new technologies. Bank transfers, cash transactions and e-wallets will always be an option, but don’t forget to take a look into cryptocurrencies, as it’s starting to become, for some people, one of the main options to deal with customers.

Do you have any questions? Contact us right now at and let us help you reach the next level of success! Price per Head is your best ally, give us a call today and let’s get started!

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