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Secret Betting Strategy that Bookies must know About

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Bookies, to start earning money you must position yourself in the right place, at the right time, all of the time. There is a way to do this and although it may sound difficult, it’s not nearly as difficult as you may think. The first step in this process is to understand your players, how they think and where they are coming from. This is easy to do for more than a few reason but the most glaring reason is you! That’s right, you’re why you should have no problem understanding your players. You were once a gambler and you know exactly how to empathize with them. You know what they are looking for and you understand how players think.

Baseball: It’s right on top of us and if you don’t know – players want a dime line, and they want all the ways in which they think they can beat you. The number one strategy used by baseball gamblers is to play the halves. They play either the first half, the second half, or both. They believe that by playing the first half, the best pitchers in the game will dominate at least 15-20 times per year and with a handful of the best pitchers, they can beat you at least 80-90 games per year. The math never works out this way and in fact, you want gamblers to bet this way because they usually do not have the bankroll to keep this strategy in place and when they find themselves buried and without hope of a way out by “chasing” they turn to another strategy. Either way, this keeps them in the fold and they continue to lose.

Baseball is a game that players feel they have an advantage over the house, (they do not) but they will never believe this because this is what they have heard all of their lives. Let them believe whatever they choose, this means more money in your pocket.

Give reduced juice on baseball parlays and round-robins. Why? Nobody else does this and by you doing so, your players will feel like they have hit the jackpot. Baseball parlays are quite possibly the most difficult parlays to hit in all of sports gambling. We are not suggesting to give all your money away in truckloads! No, be moderate and think like the gambler. If you can’t afford the payouts, don’t offer it. Only offer a payout that you can afford to cover.

March Madness: Here we are, it’s March, the biggest gambling month of the entire year and it’s not even kind of close. Gamblers love to bet on the NCAA Tournament and they will and you must offer the many umpteen ways to bet on these games, especially the games that involve big-name teams such as Duke, Kansas, Kentucky, North Carolina, Gonzaga, Arizona, and others. Offer the prop bets, offer a few betting tips to your clients. Gamblers win some money in March but you can count on them losing a boatload of the green stuff as well. What you must do is be there to offer them every betting line known to man. The trick is this, keep your limits reasonable, keep them affordable for you.

Players will want to plunk down big bets on college basketball games and they will ask for crazy stuff such as $1,000, two-team parlay, first halves. Can you afford this? Most small bookies can’t. Budget wisely and know what you are potentially giving away. Can you afford the losses?

Find a fantastic pay per head to give you that online presence that you need in order to retain and recruit new players.

A great pay per head should not cost you an arm and a leg. It should cost you around $7 and certainly not much more than $10.

You need a pay per head to manage your business now more than ever before. Think about the work that the month of March is going to cost you. It’s exhausting and you are literally going to kill yourself. Call the pay per head today and start earning a great income.