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The Rise of Soccer in the United States

Soccer is taking over the US and it’s rapidly becoming one of the most popular sports to bet on. Soccer is certainly the most played sport in the US, although it may not be the most watched sport, it’s number five on the list and climbing. Soccer is easily the most watched sport in the world and by far the most bet on sport worldwide. There is a reason for the popularity; anyone can play, it’s inexpensive, all that’s needed is a ball and some sort of area to convert into a field of play, and it’s on.

US Soccer

  • Soccer appeals to all kinds of people and all kinds of backgrounds. Poor, rich, young and even old, everyone loves to watch, play or bet on this worldwide phenomena. Soccer is easy to keep up with and players never grow old. This game sustains players more than any other sport on the globe. Now that online sports gambling has opened up to US players – those players want in. They want to gamble and for one reason; soccer is beatable. The bookie must plan carefully and efficiently in order to stay abreast of the soccer gambler.

*How Can Bookies Use Soccer to Make a Killing off Their Clients?

  • The pay per head industry has come along at the right time in history. What they have done and continue to do has been a boon to the bookie, and a virtual cash cow. Bookies on every level have chosen to take their business online and the vast majority of them are using a pay per head.
  • What pay per heads have done is combine online sportsbooks, with online casinos and racebooks. Now you can offer your clients everything they want to bet on, in one place. Now, you can compete with the large-markets.
  • What a pay per head does is offer you fantastic, state-of -the-art, bookie software. This software is not something that you download or purchase, it’s software that’s ready-built into a customized website exclusively for you and your clients use.

  • The better pay per heads charge a fair price and the leading PPH providers are asking for between $10-$15 per head, per week. Remember this; in the gaming business you get what you pay for so don’t settle. There are many providers offering rock-bottom prices and with those rock-bottom prices come rock-bottom service. Make sure that the PPH provider you sign-up with is offering a toll-free hot line that you can access from the United States and make sure the agents are English speaking.
  • Soccer bettors are some of the most faithful players in all of sports gambling and they will spend a fortune trying to beat you. Some of the players are very good and when they get hot and, on a roll, they can win a pile of money. Never discount the knowledge that soccer bettors come loaded with. One of the great advantages to doing business with a pay per head is reports. The PPH provides you the bookie with on demand reports, 24/7. Now you can know exactly who is beating you, who you are beating, and where every dollar is spent. You have the power to limit players to a specific betting amount for each game or event as well as control the lines and odds that are set daily for you. As the owner of your bookie business, you have 100% control over every line and all of the odds, even though they are automatically set and presented each gaming day.

Players love to bet soccer, it has become the hottest bet in all of sports and if you offer it in wide-variety, you will make a small fortune. The possibilities are limitless and just by offering soccer you stand to gain 30-40% in first-year revenue. This sports is absolutely a cash cow for bookies and one that you must offer. The best way to offer this sport is through the help of a white label-pay per head provider. Find a free trial offer and have your players betting tonight. You won’t be sorry, and your players will love you.

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