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The English Premier is Back | Your Client’s Want In

Pay Per Head

Pay per head sites are a great source for all things “English Premier”, league odds, and much more. Soccer is a big deal across the world but it’s an even bigger deal to sports bettors. This is what you have to offer in the way of well-known major league sports. There is nothing else. There is plenty on the way and the world is reopening and many sports leagues such as MLB, and the NBA have made announcements to return this summer. This is great news, and although it may be great, you need a revenue flow right now. Soccer is where you can get it. Find a pay per head that offers all of the best soccer leagues and one that gives the best lines and odds on the English Premier League. Some of the top per head bookie providers can be found at Scoresandstats, Premier Perhead and Smarter Bettor

  • Your clients may or may not care about soccer, what they do care about is sports betting action. They want in on anything you have to offer them. They are sick to death of not betting on sports, they are sick to death of not betting. What do you have to offer them, what have you been offering them? You are probably offering them nothing for the simple fact that you do not have an online betting site. You must get online right now, today! Don’t put this off any longer. Your clients are going to other bookmakers, they are going to the guys who have an online site. You may lose them forever.

  • PPH sites like Realbookies has put together a great package deal that includes a top-notch sportsbook that comes loaded with a vast wagering menu and a state-of-the-art user interface. The sportsbook you could have is nothing less than fantastic. It’s loaded with all of the bells and whistles of any “megabook” on the internet. What you get is an easy to read webpage that’s loaded with sides from every sport known to man, you get hundreds of daily props and futures, lotto, politics, and more. No matter what your clients are looking for when it comes to betting on sports, you can now offer it and best of all, they don’t have to call you. All they have to do is dial up the website, sign-on, and start gambling. The PPH will help you choose the best deposit methods for you and your clients.

  • Not only do you get the above sportsbook, but you also get a Las Vegas-style casino. The casino comes loaded with more than 100-games, all of the best and favorite table games, along with the hottest and newest slots. Live dealers are a feature that your clients will love, and you will love it as well. You will love the casino on many different levels, first and foremost, the money it brings. The casino is your cash cow and it matters not when or what is going on in the world! COVID—or whatever the case may be, gamblers do one thing – gamble. If you offer them a casino, it’s a guarantee they will play and it’s a guarantee they will lose consistently.

  • Not only do you get a fantastic sportsbook, and casino, but you also get a world-class racebook that features more than 75-tracks from around North America and across the globe. Horse bettors are needed at any time and no matter what is happening in your bookmaking site, you want these clients. They are loyal, and they spend money every day.

  • You get all three for the price of one. You get everything for FREE! The website is built for you and the software comes with it. It’s easy to use and just as easy to integrate your players. You pay one nominal fee of around $7 per head, per week. You pay once per week for unlimited wagering. You do not pay if they do not play.

Get in, get your game on, and start earning big profits today. There is only one affordable way to find a fantastic online presence – the pay per head. Find a great one, call them today and they will custom-build your site for free and have your players active in a day or two.