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How To Take Advantage of Casino Games

The bookies life is crazy and downright hectic but thanks to the pay per head industry, it's manageable. Bookies are always in pursuit of two things (we call it like we see it based on experience), money and clients. What do clients bring to the table? Money. What does money do for the bookie? It earns them a nice living first and foremost but secondly and equally as important, it gives them buying power. By buying power we mean the ability to advertise, to market, and find those clients that run your business. Bookies are always looking for an edge, a way to keep clients engaged, whether it be with the use of free-plays, player bonuses, or contests'. The one thing that is certain is this; the competition is fierce and if you are not offering the best and the latest, the client can click the mouse and find someone that is. The casino is where it's at when keeping up with the competition. You must operate and take full advantage of the opportunities that your pay per head provides with the use of fantastic casino.

casino games

What is the importance of an online casino to go along with your sportsbook?

  • If you have ever been a sports gambler yourself (we have been, so we speak from personal experience) then you know that sports gamblers get bored. There is a lot of down time, especially in the summer, and for that matter even during the football season. Football is basically played four days a week and the only days with multiple games are Saturday and Sunday, thus leaving a lot of down time. Most online bookmakers are now offering a casino and that points right back to what we said about the fierce competition. When gamblers get bored what do they do? They look for something to bet on.B
  • The casino is a guaranteed revenue generator. Look, this is really simple... If you have ever been a bookie or you have ever known anybody that was a bookie you know one thing about the online sportsbook business; you know that it's highly marginal.
  • Being a sports bookie is fun and exciting and you're the boss, but you are also responsible for the bottom line. You are in this business to make money, not keep your head above water.
  • Las Vegas sportsbooks are marginal at best. Believe it or not all that glitz and all that glam is the product of one thing; the Casino. Sportsbooks often lose money. Why do we say this? We know this to be true because players are good at what they do. Players are no longer just "weekenders". They are well-informed, and they have professional handicappers they pay to keep them well informed.
  • We are not saying the bookies always lose money, that would be a misnomer. They do make money and in order to beat the bookie, the player must win between 52-54% of his bets, just to beat the juice. It's hard to beat the bookie straight up, however, with no or little cross-action, the bookie will feel the pinch very quickly.
  • Casinos never lose money, period, end of story! Sure, every once in a while, someone gets lucky and wins a little but 85-95 % of the time, the casino wins.
  • Las Vegas sportsbooks are backed up by grand casinos that generate millions of dollars every week. They simply don't care if they are bleeding money in the sportsbook.
  • As a bookie, you must consider your options for an online casino and offer it to your clients.
  • The pay per head providers have put together turnkey casino packages that can be up and operational in as little as a day. The beauty is you pay a one-time fee of somewhere in the neighborhood of $10-$15, per head, per week and the player may make as many bets as they choose.

The bottom line is this; as a bookie you want to make a fortune and it can be done if you play this business correctly. What you must do is find the tools to keep your business headed in the right direction and you will do so with a fantastic pay per head. Find a pay per head that is not only offering a great sportsbook, but an all-inclusive, Las Vegas style casino, one that features all of the popular slots and table games along with live dealers.

*The casino is your cash cow and if you want to make real money, then do so by offering a top-notch casino and one that's guaranteed to draw your sports players when they are bored. You will make a small fortune off your sports book clients, so much so that you will be asking yourself why you didn't do this much sooner. Find that perfect pay per head, that's offering a turnkey casino with a free trial and get started today.

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