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Start your own sportsbook
for a small fee per week per player?

Pay Per Head

YES, you can! The Pay Per Head industry has come along in the last few years and made your dreams possible. There once was a day not so very long ago when owning a sportsbook was for the wealthy. Not anymore. Thankfully, those days are long over and the $25 per head fees are a thing of the past. Now, you can start your own sportsbook for a small fee, per week, per player here at It’s as quick, easy, and affordable as we make it sound. Here are the quick details…

  • · Background: The PPH industry started around 25 years ago when a few bookies put their heads together and decided that it was time to make their life easier. They also recognize the fact that they were losing out on money-making opportunities by not getting in on the e-commerce revolution.

The bookies were sick of beating their heads against the proverbial wall and not seeing the benefits of their hard work. What they decided to do was build a software program for bookmakers that could be used on a PC desktop or mobile device. In the beginning, it was a prototype and it was rusty, to say the least, but it was a start and from humble beginnings, the online sportsbook took off and most of the wealthiest online sportsbooks today would not be where they are without the innovative ideas of a few guys that were once gambler – turned bookies, cam up with the best idea ever hatched regarding the gaming industry.

The problem for these guys… They were not programmers, they had no experience in coding, site building, marketing, and they were not “tech-heads”. They did what smart business people do, they hired professionals to see their dream co to fruition.

Not only did they see their dream come true, but they found a way to offer an online sportsbook, a racebook, and an online casino in one package deal. What they offered then, is what they are offering now at a fraction of the price and it’s a much better and more advanced product.

  • · The bookies were unsure as to exactly how much to charge for their services. They knew they had come up with the most innovative product to date for the local bookie wanting to get in on the ground floor so what did they do? They went overboard! They started out by charging around $25 per head, per week. The product was great and every bookie from Bangor to San Diego wanted in, but nobody could afford it. It fell flat.

  • · The bookies reinvented themselves and found marketing experts to help them market what was the best product for bookies and gamblers alike. They continued to make the product better and lowered the price to around $10 per head.

  • · Now, you too can be a bookie and it’s as easy as making a phone call. Start with dialing up and searching their website, read the benefits they have to offer, and you will be pleasantly surprised.

  • · The “bad old days” are gone for good. No more will you be stuck paying for a service that has no customer support, no security, no guaranteed uptime, and an overall rip-off. If you desire to start small, they will work with you, if you have 300 clients, they will get you a better volume price.

  • · The beauty of is its user interface and the ease of use it affords the client. Your client wants “easy”, they demand it and they will go and are already going where they can find “easy”.

  • · Stop losing money to the “big boys”. There is simply no excuse for a lack of client loyalty. Your client wants to gamble 24/7 and they will find the opportunity with or without you.

The season matters not. Do not let anybody tell you there is a high season and a low season. This is false. The gambling season is always in style and if you offer gambling options that only a PPH can afford you, then it’s a guarantee you will soon be earning a six-figure income. Call today and start earning what your worth as a bookmaker. Your clients will love you and you will start loving what you do for a living.

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