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Sportsbooks put LeBron James as leader for the MVP

It has been just a bit over a month since the beginning of the new NBA season, but people, and pph sportsbooks are starting to talk and to shape what’s going on and how this season could go.

There have been many interesting moves recently in the league, the most important one being James Harden’s move from Houston to the Brooklyn Nets, which puts Steve Nash’s team as Eastern Conference favorites, ahead of the Milwaukee Bucks. The Philadelphia 76ers are also making a splash this season, with big numbers for Joel Embiid and a very solid team play, LA Clippers, Utah Jazz, are also right there at the top of the list.

However, the NBA Champions, the LA Lakers remain at the top of the league, of the Power Rankings and now on the MVP projections as well, as LeBron James, at 36 years old, and in his 18th season in the NBA, is the commanding leader in the league, he’s getting the numbers, he’s getting the job done, his team is ahead of all others, and sportsbooks already have him leading the MVP list with +300 to +400 odds, while Luka Doncic, Kevin Durant and Joel Embiid are behind him, and others like Nikola Jokic and Giannis Antetokounmpo are behind them, staying close in the race.

How can LeBron James still lead the league on top of everyone else?

It’s no secret that King James has probably one of basketball’s highest IQ’s ever, he understands the game like a few or maybe no other, he takes care of himself physically, he learns to adapt his game to different situations, and that is why at his age, he still carries the NBA torch.

Last season LeBron adapted and let Anthony Davis lead the team offensively, while he adjusted and became the league’s assist leader. Davis also applied himself in defense and was simply one of the best. This year, with the addition of Dennis Schroder to the starting lineup, James has let him run the ball a lot more, while he has picked up his rebounding game and his shooting. So far, LeBron is doing a great job shooting from three, and this has led him to lead the team in scoring, at least in this early stage, while LeBron and Kuzma have been able to take it a bit easier and get in rhythm after a significantly short off-season.

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Can LeBron stay in the MVP conversation all season long?

He can, and he probably will, not only because he has the skills and the ability, but also because the Lakers have the depth necessary to allow him to play his game, get some rest, stay healthy, and go for the long run, to hopefully be able to fight for another ring.

It won’t be easy, of course, and there are other great players who will put up a fight, but at least after the first 20 games of the season, already many NBA stars and legends started to acknowledge that this is already an MVP season for LeBron James. We’ll see how it plays out in the end.

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