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Preparing Your Bookmaking Business for the MLB Season

Baseball, it’s a right of passage for passionate gamblers and you need these players. Baseball players are loyal, and they are ready for business from February to November? The season is brutally long but as a bookie, you must make the most of the opportunity in which the MLB presents. You want to appeal to baseball players for the fact they are indeed loyal and what’s even better – they think they have the perfect formula figured out to beat you with. Baseball players are stubborn players, they will find 5-10 teams and ride those teams all year long. They will go down with the ship, and they will earn you a stockpile of profit if you are willing to be patient. Go with the process, go with the flow of a baseball season. We often hear from bookies that they hate baseball and that they consistently get their butts kicked during the season. If this is the case, then you are mismanaging your bookie business.

A Few Friendly Tips—

  • If you are not currently a bookie that is operating online, then you must find an online presence immediately. Don’t misunderstand, we are not telling you or advising you in any way whatsoever, to try and run a competition with the existing “big boys” of the online bookmaking industry. This is not your goal and it should not be your goal. You must be online if you care about keeping your MLB clients. You must be online in order to keep any of your clients and it matters not what sport they are betting on. Your clients expect the daily offerings to be posted the night before or very early in the morning. This is a trend that you will see most bookmakers follow. When the day’s baseball game Is over, the next days game will be posted, with odds. The player can place bets on those games the moment they are posted. If you don’t have them posted, your client will find someone that does. Always remember – your client wants to bet on their time, not yours. You must accommodate them.

  • The pay per head industry has come on strong over the last several years as the principal source of an online outlet for bookies. They cater to smaller bookies, to bookies from back home in Detroit, Kansas City, Phoenix, LA, and all across the USA. They appeal to bookies like you because they offer a complete bookmaking service with a custom-built website that offers a real .com address, and they are affordable. In fact, if you play your cards correctly, the service is entirely free of charge.

  • The pay per head does everything for you. They set the daily sports offerings on an organized and pleasant website that’s as professional as any sportsbook on the internet. They set the daily lines and odds as well as all prop bets, futures, and special wagering opportunities. They do all of this while leaving you in control. You will always have a say in the daily odds and the ability to change any lines or odds that you see fit.

  • Baseball gamblers look for “dime lines” the look for “20-cent lines” and they look for reduced numbers. You will need to work with a PPH that can identify your wants and needs. Find a PPH that comes with a great reputation for offering great baseball odds and a state-of-the-art platform to place them on.

The wagering platform you use must be user-friendly and it must offer a great menu. Without one or either, you dead ion the water and your baseball gamblers will go elsewhere. You can reduce the juice and reduce the numbers in order to keep your players in the fold. Never forget – baseball gamblers think and have a belief system that says they “will beat you in the end”. In order to beat you, they must be winning at least 55% of the time in order to beat the juice. Find the best PPH and find one that charges a fair price of around $7 per head. You deserve to earn a fantastic income. Be prepared for this MLB season. Real Bookies