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Pay Per Head Dictionary Guide

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Who are the top-ranked pay per head providers? Better question; what is a pay per head and why do they exist? The “PPH” (as it’s known across the industry) is a bookie software service provider. They provide software to local bookies across North America and beyond. They also provide service to some of the top-level, online sportsbooks. Many of the largest sportsbooks that anyone can find with the use of Google, those bookmakers are using a PPH or the concept of one. Many bookies are confused about how to get started in the industry, most importantly, they are confused about how to find an affordable online presence. This is why we are here! We are here to let you know there is indeed an affordable way to land yourself online with a great webpage that your clients can start using tomorrow.

  • Start with the Caribbean, better yet, start with Costa Rica. This is where you will find the top-ranked PPH providers. There are dozens of them, and they offer bookie services across the world. One of the leading providers is known and RDG Corp.

  • The RDG Corp has been in business for close to 20-years and they have become a powerhouse in the industry. They have not become successful overnight. Their journey has been long but fruitful and what they have to offer is on the cutting edge of technology and it’s affordable.

  • Back in the early 1990s, the PPH industry was finding it’s sea legs and they started on a shoestring budget with a group of bookies. Yes, bookies. Bookies were becoming more and more frustrated with gamblers and the biggest problem was keeping them. Bookies realize how important it is to keep clients and in fact, it’s the lifeblood of any bookie operation – return clients. Without them, you’re dead in the water.

  • Finding a fantastic PPH provider is the key to staying on top of client demands. Number one, you must be online. If you are a bookie on any level, then you know what the demands of the job are. You know what daily life consists of and you are well aware that the life of a bookie is not “rolling a Benz with a sweaty wad of hundreds” in your pocket.

  • The life of a bookie consists of more than can be imagined to the novice. Now, don’t get us wrong, we are not putting anybody down. Being a novice is ok. Even if you have been a local bookie for possibly years, you can still be a novice when it comes to the online bookmaking world.

  • Bookies have had to mix it up in 2020. We all know what COVID has done to the gambling industry, it hasn’t been kind, however, there is a silver lining and for those bookies that have made the switch, taken the leap to the online bookmaking world – they are thriving.

  • We talk to the PPH providers, we stay in contact with them and they tell us that numbers are up. They are up over last year, and this quarter is stacking up to be the best of the entire fiscal year.

  • Popular PPH providers such as the RDG Corp., they have figured out how to earn a fantastic living and it starts with you, the local bookie. They believe that if they can help you be successful, in turn, they will be successful. This has proven to be true and especially in the weirdest of times, 2020.

  • The RDG Corp has opened several PPH providers over the last 20-years such as, or the ever-growing, and popular Both, come with a stellar reputation and both will provide you with a custom-built website that free of charge.

No matter who you choose to do business with, if it’s the RDG Corp or any other provider, the most important thing to remember is this. Do they offer a state-of-the-art, top-notch, gaming site that comes with all of the bells and whistles? Do they offer a fantastic online casino that offers hundreds of games that players love, what about a world-class racebook? Find a PPH provider that does and expect to pay around $7-$13 per head. Expect great things, make the call today, and get online now.