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Pay Per Head Company Has Stood the Test of Time

Long before the explosion in sports betting, RealBookies established a strong track record in the Pay Per Head (PPH) space. With a 20 year history of successfully providing bookies a solid wagering platform, the service is one that any real bookie would want to subscribe to.

A PPH provider that has been on the forefront of sportsbook technology is definitely worth exploring. Using a PPH service can help any real bookie to provide better customer service as well as give their players a wide array of wagering options.

Using an online PPH sportsbook give customers access to place wagers 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Being able to accept bets at any time gives the bookmaker the opportunity to increase their handle and profits.

The software gives the bookie the capability to manage each customer’s account on an individual basis. They can limit the number of events the player can wager on, the types of bets they can make or how much they can bet. The bookie can also change lines and odds, depending a customer’s betting patterns.

For the customer, they see a user interface that is the same as what major corporate sportsbooks provide, giving the bookie a truly professional look and feel. A wide variety of betting types are offered, including straight bets, money line, spreads, over/under, parlays, reverse betting, propositions and live wagering.

For the bookmaker, one of the most time consuming tasks is to keep track of each customer’s wagering activities. With a good PPH service, the accounting and tracking of customer’s bets is perhaps the most important feature.

Instead of spending time developing spreadsheets and other way to keep track of customers, the PPH software provides all of the tools necessary to do so. By tracking activity in real time, the bookie can make business decisions based on activity that can help mitigate risk and increase revenue.

The software also tracks overall activity so the bookie can see where they stand at any point in time. It shows winning percentages by sport and wagering type, so they can analyze their results and determine what changes to make to their offerings.

Another great feature is that the bookie can see when bets were made and from where they were made. Knowing the frequency of customers’ bets and where they place them can help any real bookie fine tune their player relationships.

In addition to the sportsbook, the PPH platform also has the ability to provide access to casino games and horse racing. Whether customers have the ability to make wagers on those expanded offerings is up to the bookie.

Managing risk is a major part of a bookie’s operations and having a PPH service assists greatly in that endeavor. The information provided includes a summary of how the operator is performing for the billing cycle, generally a week.

It also show where their future exposure exists, giving them the data necessary to adjust lines and odds on upcoming wagers if necessary. It also lets the bookie know what outcomes they need in order to be on the proper side of the betting activity.

With increasing activity, especially as states legalize sports betting and implement sites, bookies need to keep up with the latest technology. Combining state of art software with personalized service can set a bookie apart in the eyes of their customers.

Of course, they also need to make sure they pay off winnings in a timely manner, one of the major complaints about impersonal sportsbooks. Developing a customer base is much easier when the word of mouth feedback is positive.

Using a tool like PPH software, especially from a service like, can help differentiate any real bookie from their competition, no matter who it is. When the provider has been around for over 20 years, a bookie can be ensured that the service they are paying for is worth the money.

For PPH software, a bookie will pay between $7 and $15 per customer that makes a wager during the billing period. If there isn’t any activity in an account, the bookie doesn’t pay a fee for that week or other designated period of time. Many sites, including Real Bookies, offer bonuses and even a free month for new customers.