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No NFL Football: Does that really mean low season?

Pay Per Head

The NFL is often thought of as the “anchor sport” for bookies, and in most cases, this is absolutely true. The NFL often carries the online sportsbook and it certainly generates the vast majority of income in most Las Vegas sportsbooks. As we all know, the NFL season consists of 16-regular season games that are stretched out over 17-weeks and then a month-long playoff season, and finally the Super Bowl. At the end of the day, the NFL season lasts from August (preseason) to the Super Bowl in February. The more accurate way of looking at the NFL season would be to say the season is from September-December with the playoffs in January. Many bookies consider September-December to be the “high-season” in sports gambling, however, they are wrong, and we can prove it! We can absolutely prove why the low season doesn’t have to be slow season.

When is the slow season?

· STOP! Just stop right here. In sports gambling, there isn’t a slow season, it doesn’t exist so get this out of your vocabulary. Sure, absolutely - there are slower times of the year than other times, but never let the “slow season” vocabulary, creep in and corrupt your thinking like a bookmaker. Stop thinking there is a season when you should be working harder than other seasons or there is a season when most of your income will be generated. This is how rookies think, don’t be a “rookie-bookie”.

$9 BillionIs what was spent by American sports gamblers in 2019 on March Madness! That’s Billion with a “B”. This number is hard to wrap our brains around for one event that lasts for less than one month. $9 billion is the truth of the matter and hard numbers don’t lie. Folks love to gamble in January, they love to gamble on Christmas day. They love to gamble on Easter, they love to gamble in July. Sports gamblers love to gamble all year long and the fact of the matter is this; offer it and they will come.

· It matters not what time of year it is or what event, if it’s cold outside, if it’s 118 degrees in Las Vegas or -13 in Green Bay. Gambling is gambling, and sports gamblers are going to find a way to bet their hard-earned money in the pursuit of wealth, no matter the circumstances.

Are you prepared to offer your clients what the competition is offering them? Do you realize that you can be offering them exactly this?


· No matter the size of your bookmaking operation, you must have an online presence.

· Why an online presence? To keep your existing clients. You must keep your clients happy and coming back for more and there is only one viable way in which to accomplish this – offering an online sportsbook.

Is an online sportsbook expensive?

· Absolutely not. Opening a great online sportsbook is now easier than ever and affordable. The “Pay Per Head” providers are offering fully-ready, desktop usable software for bookies that is the online sportsbook.

· The pay per head providers have invented a software system that’s turnkey ready and user-friendly for both you the bookie as well as your clients.

· The PPH offers a turnkey service that comes fully loaded with an online sportsbook, racebook, and casino, all in one.

· The best pay per head providers in the world are now offering their services for around $7 per head, per week.

· Your client must play at least once per week, or you will not be charged. Once they do play, you will only be charged the set PPH fee, one time per week, per client. Example: If the client places 50 wagers in a one week period, you will be charged the $7 fee, nothing more.

There is much more to sports gambling than just the NFL. The NFL is often the most bet on sport by the vast majority of online bookies, we get it and understand this to be true. We also know that selling yourself short on the rest of the season is a big mistake if you want to earn a six-figure income. Call the pay per head provider and ask for a 4-week free trial. Find out if this is for you with no obligation.

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