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NBA Faces Challenges with Resuming 2019-20 Season

The Coronavirus pandemic has stopped all the sports and public events so far. All the fans, teams, player associations, and leagues are having a hard time figuring out how to deal with the financial, physical, and psychological effects of the virus.

If you have been following, you might already know that the regular schedule of the NBA has been indefinitely suspended on March 11. There is, of course, a massive discussion of the season returning in some format. The NBA Board of Governors is getting ready for a vote about it on June 4.

There are several versions the league could come back. Coming back with 30 teams seems a little bit far-fetched. But there is one format that ticked with all the parties involved. A 22-team regular season with each of the teams playing 8 games sounds practical. After this part gets done, a play-in tournament will take place to determine the eighth seed in the East and West conferences.

If the season comes back, the NBA is still going to face substantial logistical problems connected to several essential aspects. Visit to learn more.

Testing Length and Format

We all understand that it has been tough for players to keep in shape while staying at home. Many athletes have been taking advantage of house-gyms and equipment. However, there are sensations in team sports you can only maintain if you are playing with the teammates.

There is a discussion of a 25-day testing period for the teams to get in shape. So if the league format gets approved next week, the games will only be back in the end of July or so.

The next problem with testing is how the teams are going to keep the quarantine laws. The administrators have an overwhelming amount of things to consider.

  • Should teams train together?
  • How many of the crew members should get involved?
  • How to protect the coaches who are in the COVID-19 risk zone (e.g. above 60 years old)?

Timing, Location, and Fans

With its long incubation period of 14 days, the Coronavirus is making the training and game schedules even more difficult. Some of the best NBA players happen to be abroad on quarantine, and if they return, they will have to stay isolated for that long. This is, yet, another hurdle on the path of starting the season as soon as possible.

Another apparent logistical problem is where the games should take place if they resume. Considering the health risks, basketball executives are discussing 2 “bubbles” for the games: the MGM hotel in Las Vegas and the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando.

The main reason for creating these “bubbles” is to isolate the people and track the spread of the virus if that unfortunate event happens. So, letting fans into the bubble would also be illogical. All the NBA fandom will have to get used to watching the games on TV or online, and remember that the “bubbles” are protecting them and their favorite players from potential health risks.


As NBA fans and players hold their breath till next Thursday, we can only stay home, wash our hands frequently, and keep our eyes peeled for any news on the subject.