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A1 Pay Per Head

Times, they are changing, and we are in some very weird times right now. This matters not and in fact, it’s a boom for the online bookies. Get your ducks in a row while you can and get online with your bookie business. All gamblers are online. LISTEN: Gamblers will not stop gambling for anybody and it’s a guarantee they will be gambling now, more than ever before. Sports gamblers love the casino and they always have. Why? This is where they go when the action is slow, this is where they go between innings, during halftime, during period breaks and anytime there isn’t some sporting event to follow. Players love to play, and they will indeed play if you supply the source. The pay per heads are offering their services at discounted rates and even offering free trial events. Now is the time to take advantage of the best deals to come along in quite some time. Why a “pay per head”?

  • The PPH does all of the work for the bookie as well as offer the best bookie software on the market. What you will be getting is an all-in-one online sportsbook, casino, and racebook. This operation is turnkey, all you need to do is call the PPH and tell them you are ready to start earning a six-figure income and ask how they can help you.

  • Online casinos are a guaranteed money-making operation. Just as in Las Vegas, the casino always wins! You will be adding a cash cow by adding a casino. No matter how many players you have or lack thereof, your players will love you for offering them a great casino that features the hottest slots along with all of the great table games and live-action. That’s right, you can offer your players live-action and they will eat this alive.

  • You want loyalty from your players and anytime there is a “slowdown” people tend to jump off the loyalty wagon. We get it and we know what you may be facing. This is why it’s vital to give them every reason to stay. Give them a full-on casino and they will stay. The best news – you are going to earn a small fortune. Players are competitive and they think they know how to beat an “at random” slot machine. Sure, from time to time they may win a little something, however, their winnings will be far less than yours and the more they lose, the more they want their money back.

  • The PPH sets up your online site within a day or two and they custom-build it the way you want it to look. You will have a .com address for you and your clients and all you need to do is add clients. They will love the independence and they will love the idea of gambling 24/7. You will love it as well because now you no longer have to take a phone call at all hours of the night.

  • What you must do is set a plan for receiving deposits and if you are already a local bookie then you already have a system in place. Continue to follow a good system that is working for you as well as a payout plan or a “settle up day”.

  • The PPH takes care of all accounting issues. The money comes in, you add the deposit and now you let the software balance the books. When a player wins and stops playing, the balance is adjusted. The balance is also adjusted when they lose. You have the opportunity to manage on-demand reports. You will always know when a player is “up on the house”, or when they are “down to the house”.

There is one basin common denominator for bookies all across the world – making money. You can and should be making a six-figure income. A casino is a valuable tool and you will know why after you start seeing large profits. Call the PPH provider and ask them for a free trial of their product. This is affordable. Once you do start paying, it will cost between $7-$10 per head. Make that call, you will be glad you did.