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Pay Per Head

Are there still opportunities in sports gambling? Bookies from around the world are asking this question for one reason – the competition. It seems that In this day and age of pay per head’s and other entities that have come along and made the process of starting a sportsbook easy; it seems that the corner bookie is being pushed out. You know, the local guy who comes into the bar and sits on the corner stool with a laptop – those guys are asking if there is a place for them. There is a simple answer to this question. Yes, there is a place for anyone that wants to be a bookie and anyone that wants to grow in this business. For that matter, if you are a bookie with a handful of clients and you would rather not grow, that’s understandable, you don’t have to grow. The Pay per head providers have a solution for any bookie and it matters not how many clients you have or what your goals are.

The PPH provider is your online presence:

  • The most important thing that you or anybody can do for your business is to find an online presence. No matter what the medium is, no matter the format, the forum, the interface – none of this matters. What matters is that you are online and functioning for your client's use. If you are not online, get online as quickly as possible. We recommend using a great PPH provider so that you can pay a fair price and maintain a high-quality presence. It’s difficult to build and maintain a website, not only must you have the expertise to do this, you must have the money. These things are not free, they’re not cheap!
  • The PPH sets your website up for you. You have a full domain name with a .com address. Your players will feel as if they are going to any online sportsbook address. You have to do nothing. You call the PPH provider and discuss your personal preferences and they do the rest. You do not have to be a programmer, a site builder, or have any kind of hosting experience. You are not a web host, you are a bookie! The PPH knows this and they cater to your needs as a bookie, not a techie!
  • You need an online presence for your clients, not for gaining clients. Many folks will sell you a bag of tricks, not us. LISTEN: we have been gamblers, we have been bookies and we know what clients look for and what they want. We also know what you need in order to be successful. Many people will tell you that you must be online so that you can grow into a mega sportsbook and be like the “big boys”. Those are lofty goals, and everyone should have a dream but lets us remind you, this is not why you need to be online. You MUST be online so that you can keep the clients you have right now. DO NOT FORGET THIS.
  • Your current clients are your bread and butter, you need them, and you must do what it takes to keep them. The only way you are going to appeal to their gaming needs going foreword is by having an online presence. Your clients want to gamble at 4:00 PM, they also want to gamble at 2:00 AM. They want to gamble when you don’t want their phone call. You get sick of taking the phone calls at all hours of the day and night. With a PPH, you no longer have to deal with this aspect of being a local bookie. You have an online presence and now your clients can log in at anytime from anywhere and they can lose money to you!
  • The PPH provider sets everything up for you. You simply make a phone call to a group such as and ask them for a free trial. They will guide you every step of the way and they will do everything for you.

A great pay per head does not have to be expensive. For the fantastic price of $7-$10, you can be up and operational tonight. Your players can be playing on your online sportsbook, racebook, and casino. Act now, the busy season is upon us and there isn’t a better to earn a fantastic income as a bookie. Ask for a 4-week free trial, why not try before you buy? This is your future, use the best resources available.

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