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Lucky Numbers in Roulette

You probably know that roulette, whether it is at a land-based or online casino, is a game of luck and you cannot predict with accuracy the number that will be called out. The randomness of this game makes it a favourite game among gambling enthusiasts. But still, there are players who, in some way, seem to get the numbers right. How is that so? Why do they choose these numbers?

We cannot deny the fact that we are superstitious beings. Its human nature to create routines that could hopefully influence the outcome of an event to go in our favor. It is perhaps the same strategy roulette players use to pick the next numbers in roulette rather than pulling them out of nowhere. But at the end of the day, it all comes down to luck.

The RNG and algorithms in online roulette

When it comes to online roulette, things are a bit different as there are no real dealers to observe and the wheels don’t have any imperfections that players can exploit. So, what determines the outcome of each spin? Is it still based on luck?

Well, the answer is YES. Like all online casino games, roulette uses RNG (Random Number Generator). This system helps to ensure that the randomness of the outcome.

RNG uses special algorithms to create a random sequence of outcomes. The algorithm is a set of instructions used to create random numbers from 0 to 4 billion. These numbers are generated after every millisecond. They are then translated into numbers that resemble those on the wheel. So, the RNG is used to generate a random number which determines the outcome of each spin.

Implementing Random Number Generator in a web-based roulette is not rocket science, especially when you consider that it generates a single number per spin. For example, European Roulette has 37 pockets (0 to 36). So, the outcome of spin should be a single number between 0 and 36.

When you press the ‘spin’ button, the RNG creates algorithms made of multiple-digit numbers. In order to determine the outcome (where the ball will land on the wheel), the multi-digit numbers are reduced to one of the numbers on the wheel.

To ensure fair play, gambling sites usually work with independent audit firms to test and monitor the RNGs regularly so as to ensure randomness of results. So, we can only conclude one thing when it comes to playing online roulette: there is no possible way(s) of coming up with a winning pattern. However, if you play roulette more often, you might have noticed a certain “pattern”. I know it sounds strange considering what I have just said above. But there are certain numbers that just seem to come out more often than others.

For example, when you are playing European Roulette, you may want to spin the wheel 37 times to see if the ball will land on all the 37 numbers. As you probably know, the ball will not land on all the numbers. It may land in one number several times and not land in others at all. Can you use this to determine lucky numbers? Continue reading to learn more.

Hot numbers

As stated above, you may notice certain numbers coming out more often than others. These numbers are known as “Hot” numbers. Roulette experts often bet on these Hot Numbers as they generate better results.

The hot numbers are called out more frequently in draws. These numbers are also more likely to come out on the next spin. For player’s convenience, some software developers have created online roulette games that indicate hot and cold numbers. This allows players to easily access the gameplay statistics they can use to know which numbers were called out more frequently within a certain period of time. A number can only be ‘hot’ if it has been called out a number of times within a certain period of time. For example, if a number comes out 20+ times for 250 spins, it is considered hot. If it is called out less than 12 times, it is considered average. However, the fact that a number has been called out a couple of times doesn’t guarantee it will come out again.

Cold numbers

You may notice a certain pattern of numbers being called out more often, whereas others hardly come out. This tends to give players the impression that it’s about time the latter comes out. These are called “cold” numbers

Since the outcome of the online roulette is determined by the Random Number Generator, the hot numbers will stop coming out sooner or letter and wagering on them will not be profitable anymore. That’s why some players bet on cold numbers because they feel these will win as they have not come out for some time now.

If you have been betting on hot numbers for some time and you have not seen good results, you may want to change the tactics. Keep track of the winning numbers by writing them down so you can know which numbers have not been called in the last 30 or 40 spins, for example.

You will realize certain numbers have not won in the first 40 spins. One or two of these will soon come out and win. After narrowing down the cold numbers to four or less, you can place small bets on each one of them. If the numbers don’t win, you can risk betting on them one more time, but if you don’t win again, just stop pushing it and start over again.


The reality is that there is no sure-fire way to tell the number that will be called out next as the hot numbers often get cold after a few spins. The same happens to cold numbers, and it is impossible to break this endless cycle. The RNG aims to ensure each number comes out at the end of the day and there is no exact way to tell which number will be called.