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Live Odds are Necessary for Every Bookie

The bookie's world is a competitive world and you must keep up if you care about retaining your client base. There is one reason you are a bookie; the bottom line! You want to earn a fantastic living doing what you love. Who doesn’t? We all want to make a great living doing something that we love to do and it’s not an easy task to find that niche in life that allows us to land exactly where we want to be and all the while paying the bills. You have chosen to open a bookie shop and we think that’s a great idea. Maybe you are new at this gig or maybe you have been doing this for years. No matter what the circumstance, the name of the game remains the same – earning a fantastic income. Now you can have it all and eat your cake too! Get your live betting odds here at

With you can rest assured that you have dialed into the cutting edge, the best the market has to offer and without a doubt, a pay per head that works so you don’t have to. If you are looking for an all-in-one package deal that comes with a fantastic price, then stop looking. This group is the last PPH that you will ever need.

  • knows what you need to be successful for one reason, they were bookies themselves before they became PPH providers. Not only were they bookies, but they were also gamblers before they were bookie! The ownership/parent company has been in the gambling business for a very long time and in the online gambling business for more than 20-years. What you get here is experience form all three sides.

Live Gaming Odds—

  • There are two necessary entities in the online gaming world: 1. Live wagering 2. A Las Vegas-style casino. When we talk about live gaming odds, we mean more than the
    A1 Pay Per Head

    sportsbook. You must offer live gaming in the sportsbook, this goes without saying, however, there is more to this live wagering thing than meets the eye. Live wagering/live dealers is also a very important aspect of your bookmaking success. Not only do you need to operate a casino within the parameters of your online presence, but you also need live dealers to go along with it.

  • There is a psychological reason for offering your clients live dealers and figured this out a long time ago. Players have and will always have somewhat of distrust for online bookies. Let’s face the facts, online bookies are somewhere in cyberspace and who knows where they are located, correct? This is the nature of the business and a fact that every online bookmaker must face. If you’re a local bookie and converting your players to an online gaming system such as the one that offers, then you probably won’t have to deal with this issue until you start recruiting new players. Your existing players know you and they trust you. You absolutely want to grow and there are two ways in which to do so, advertising and your client's word of mouth. We should say, those two ways of growth are the most common ways for the local bookie to grow.

  • Live dealers help your clients feel as if they are in Vegas or at the local casino in whatever state they may be in, gambling live. They feel free to spend their hard-earned money and they trust the process much more. This leads to playing the slots and we all know where that goes… It’s big revenue in your pocket. You must have this if you care at all about earning a six-figure income.

Live Sports Odds—

  • Sports gamblers love options and they especially love those options when they are down (losing). They want their money back. Offer in-game wagering and they will spend a small fortune in your sportsbook. With, you simply can’t go wrong. They offer the best of the best and at a fair price of around $7 per head. Call them, ask for a free trial and change your life today.

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