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You must Learn to Walk Fine Lines

Bookies toe a fine line between making their clients happy and earning a great deal of money. Every bookie is in this business to make money and most bookies are bookies because they love the gaming world and most, not all but most, have jumped the fence. Most bookies have come over from the other side. They were once gamblers but grew weary of the constant handicapping and struggling to stay afloat. Now that you are a bookie you must set daily lines that are not only consistent with the competition (and there’s a lot of it) but you must also set lines that are not going to break you. With every sport offered there is some sharp player that is trying to do just that – break you. Don’t let it happen. You must set player friendly lines but at the same time you must set lines that give the house the edge. Make no mistake, you hold the edge already and if a player is going to beat you, then they must hit at least 52-54% of their bets just to cover the juice. That’s not easy. Remember, the sharper the line, the greater the reward.


Is there an art to line setting?

1. Yes, there is an art to line setting and odds making, and it comes with years of practice and years of hands-on experience. Many bookies make the mistake of thinking they know how to set sharp lines based on their experience as a gambler. This is not to discredit every gambler that has become a bookie, not by any means. Gamblers that have been gambling for five, ten, fifteen, twenty years and more, they do have a good idea of what lines will look like and how they should be set.

2. Your gambling experience can help you and it can hurt you when it comes to setting sharp lines. A common mistake that bookies make when setting lines is to set them where they think they would play if they were spending their own money. This is a big mistake. Remember the reason you got out of gambling? Exactly. Again, we are not saying that you were not an effective sports gambler but there is a reason you decided to make this move and it’s probably not because you had made so much money you were simply sick of it all and decided to become a bookie!

3. You must step back into the head of a gambler and remember how you looked at the lines. How easy was it to beat the spread in the NFL every Sunday? What about the NBA. There are 82 games in the regular season, are you ready to set the lines each and every night?

4. What about baseball, are you going to go with a dime line or a .20 cent line? There are 162 games in the regular season-MLB. Are you ready?

5. There are a ton of sports that you want to offer your betting clients. The more you offer the better your chances are of beating them. Think about the many sports available to gamble. Name just a few of the more popular ones such as MLB, NBA, NFL, NCAA BB, NCAA FB, NHL, Soccer, Tennis, Golf, NASCAR, Indy Car, Rugby, Snooker, Darts, Water Polo, Boxing, MMA, and on the list goes. You must set daily lines and odds for all of the sports that you intend to offer. Are you ready?

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