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Is Your PPH Sportsbook good enough for you?

Now that you made that smartest choice and finally joined Price per Head, it’s about time you take your time, sit down and analyze your business. Your operation is now in the best hands, of professionals with years and years of experience in this industry but, is your PPH Sportsbook good enough? Are you getting the most out of every opportunity that PPH gives you?

Being a part of this industry means lots of good things for you and your business, but it’s important that you take this chance to improve in many different aspects, learn from the business and enjoy the benefits.

Optimize your sportsbook’s website

Remember that, now that you’re paying a PPH service, you get to have your very own website, where your players will log in and place their bets each and every day. At the beginning, you’ll probably get started with a very basic interface, just to get the ball rolling, but as you go on and get to know your player’s taste and preferences, make sure you provide them with something they’ll be waiting to see every day. Call your provider, tell them to work on your site, make it more attractive; remember, your players will be showing this to their buddies every time they bet, and you want this site to be a hook, so that you can get more and more players as weeks go by.

Variety is a must in all sportsbooks

Players are looking for many different markets nowadays. The times of major and minor sports are long gone; they want to bet on everything they can put their eye on. Yes, its’ true, high season starts in September, NFL is still king when it comes to gambling, but players are expecting to go in a website and see many more options, and this goes for different basketball leagues that are not only NBA related, many soccer tournaments that take place around the world all year long, race tracks from all over the planet, big golf and tennis tournaments, important boxing and UFC fights and so on. Plus, gamblers don’t just play pre-game now, but they expect to be able to bet live during each event and with many different options.

Make sure your PPH provider is giving you all this, talk to them, make sure your customers know you’re giving them even more than what they’re looking for.

Payment options for sportsbooks

As important as it is for you to know the different options you must be able to pay your PPH service every week, make sure to offer your players different options so you can settle with them. There are many different options out there that can make your lives easier, and they go from basic methods like cash or person to person transfers, to methods like cryptocurrencies. It’s important that you stay ahead of the game, so, contact your provider and make sure you understand how every method works.

These are just some of the topics you need to be aware of so that you can be sure you’re giving your players the best PPH sportsbook they can have. Contact your provider or give us a call if you want to talk about this some more. Be the best you can be!

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