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Is MLB Baseball Season Profitable?

A1 Pay Per Head

Bookies can make a profit during the baseball season and big profits. There is no excuse for any bookie, no matter how many or how few clients you may have, to not turn a profit during baseball. There are a few tricks of the trade that we must share with you. Baseball is a tricky sport for bookies but there is a way to consistently beat the player.

  • There is one proven way to earn big profits from the baseball season and that’s with cross-action. You must have it to survive on any sport, however, you must have it to a much greater extent to survive in baseball. We said above that it doesn’t matter how many clients you have or don’t have. This is true and we stand by the statement. There are, however, different degrees of separation that any bookie must deal with. Here is what we mean…

  • Let’s suppose that you are a bookie with more than 3,00 active betting clients and let’s break this down and say that 2,000 of them are actively betting on baseball. This means that you have a plethora of betting action and a vast majority of the action will be cross-action. You know, and we can guarantee a profit at the end of every day. Why? Because you are a bookie, bookies do not make bets as if they were making them with their friends over a friendly handshake. A bet between yourself (as a bookie) and your client, will involve “juice”. The juice determines how much you make on that bet. If you have 50-clients and they all bet on the Yankees at -175 and the Yankees win, you just got your butt kicked! This happens in sports betting. This gig is marginal. This is not a casino Where the "house always wins".

  • You must have cross-action if you want to earn big profits. The way to get the cross-action is to have options available to your players. This is where it matters not how many players you have. If they have options in front of them, they will use those options and you will get the cross-action that you need to earn big profits.

  • You cannot expect cross-action if you do not have a state-of-the-art bookie website. You must be online, and you must be offering your players the very best in baseball options. There is a common thought in sports gambling that goes like this. “The bookie starves in the summer and finds wealth in the winter”. If this is true for you, then you are not going about this bookie gig properly. If you are winning on the NBA/NHL/NFL/NCAA, but not winning on baseball, then you have a problem and it must be fixed immediately! The good news; it can be fixed – easily.

  • GET ONLINE: There is only one way to make baseball work for you and that’s by having an online presence. You can have it and for an affordable price. The PAY PER HEAD industry allows you the opportunity to give your clients every baseball betting option known to man. First, they build you a fantastic online sportsbook for FREE. It comes loaded with a fantastic user interface, and the best wagering platform/menu, industry-wide. They offer you all of the best sporting venues from the USA and around the world. They set the daily line and odds for you while leaving you in total control to change them at any time. They accept all wagers either over the phone (an 800 number) or on the website (of course your clients can still call you if you wish), this saves you a lot of time and hassle.

There are an enormous amount of ways to bet on baseball and as a local bookie without the resources to offer these ways – you are stuck. Find a fantastic PPH provider that organizes your sportsbook and that charges a fair price ($7-$10 per head, per week). You can’t possibly keep up with baseball bettors demands but you must, or your clients will go elsewhere. Find the baseball tools needed to earn you a six-figure income. Remember, this is more than a handshake between friends. Call the PPH today and ask for a free trial.

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