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Insights and Understanding of Gambling 101


The gambling industry is worth billions and billions of dollars and you can be a part of it. But do you really understand what goes on in a day to day operation? How does sports betting really work, and how does Price per Head change the game?

There are 3 big and important parts that come together to make this business run perfectly; the players, the bookie and the service provider. These subdivide in many other categories that are all important in the final equation, but understanding these, at least, you can get a clear picture of what is needed for everything to run according to the plan.

1. The players

The backbone of any sports betting operation, without a doubt. You can set everything up perfectly, have the personnel, the product, the website, but without players, your business is worth nothing.

There are always more and more people in the world who are interested in sports betting and are looking for the best places to take their business to. The first thing you need to do, if you’re thinking of running a successful sportsbook is to gather your potential customers and have them ready to play.

There are different types of players, some like just very specific sports or leagues, most of them play just for fun, but some are considered sharp players and for these you need to keep and eye out for.

2. The Bookie

In this picture, you are the bookie. The operation is yours, the players are yours and the profits are yours. The bookie is the one in charge of settling with the players, mainly. In other times, the bookie had a lot more daily tasks, of course, opening markets, dealing lines, taking calls and bets and much more. Now, with Price per Head, the bookie becomes more of a middleman. Remember, we’re talking about daily tasks only. You, as the bookie, in this case, are still the owner of the operation, but your daily responsibilities are a lot less, while your profits, a lot more.

3. Price per Head

Price per Head will be your service provider from now on. Your job is to bring players and settle with them while, on the other hand, your PPH provider deals with the day to day operations. This will cost you approximately $10 to $15 per active player each week; that’s all. So, if you have, for example, 20 active players, your weekly fee will be around $200 and that will give you right and access to a whole company, which will be doing all the hard work for you. Everything you need, from your website, to the software, the lines, the calls and the personnel, will be available for you and your players, for just that small weekly fee.

What do you think about this? Easy enough? Price per Head has come to revolutionize the gambling industry and now you can be a part of it for just a fraction of what it would have cost you 10 or 15 years ago. Come on and give it a try! Don’t let others get ahead of you!

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