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Bookies across the United States and Canada are looking to up the ante, the competition is fierce but the potential for huge profits is real, and obtainable. If you want to tearn a six-figure income as a local bookie, you can. The football season is in full swing and there has never been a better time than now to get in on the action. Your clients want to be loyal to you, but they can’t be simply because you are not offering what your online competition is offering. You MUST be online if you want to grow and earn HUGE profits. The price per head has come along and made everything possible for you, the local bookie. Now, you can improve your business.

  • The price per head industry has come along at the perfect time for both the sports gambler as well as the bookie. Now, you have the ability to take control of your money, your business and your budget.
  • Price per heads allow you the freedom for job #1-recruiting players. Recruiting players is not always an easy thing. You must have a good reputation with the players you already have, and you must rely on word of mouth. If you want to stay ahead of the game, then you will absolutely have a presence on social media and certainly pay a few bucks in advertising costs. The price per head solution allows you the time to do exactly this.
  • A price per head combines three disciplines of gambling – the sportsbook, racebook, and a Las Vegas style casino. There are fantastic ways in which to conduct business that will always give you the leg-up, and that’s by switching to a price per head. Bookmaking is now easy through the use of price per head’s and here is why – stick around for Price Per Head Bookmaking 101.
  • Many bookies make the mistake of not including horseracing in their offerings. This is a bad move. You must include horseracing and you certainly want a great price per head that offers more than 75 world class tracks, and to boot-they pay track odds.
  • Gamblers that play the horses are faithful and if you offer competitive odds, along with the tracks they love to bet on, they will stay with you. Not only will they beat you from time-to-time, they will lose a pile of money. Horseracing is a big deal to the players that love it. Find it, get it and start winning big.
  • The casino is another must have and it’s equally as important as the racebook. It’s certainly much different and the draw is not with horse players but with sports gamblers. Sports gamblers get bored easily. They get especially bored between events/games.
  • What do they want to do? They want to gamble. Where do they go? They stay on your webpage if you have a casino to offer them. If you do not have a casino they leave. It’s so extremely simple nowadays. Just a click of the mouse and your client is gone, spending money elsewhere. Don’t let this happen.
  • The price per head is your personal accountant, the software keeps up with every dollar in and every dollar out. It also keeps up with your individual players, how much they win, how much they lose and how consistently they are staying ahead of the game. Now you can set limits and know exactly where each player is at all times with player and accounting reports.

Don’t delay. Now is certainly the best time to get in and find that online presence that you have been wishing for, but you weren’t sure that you could afford. YOU CAN AFFORD THE PAY PER HEAD! At around $7-$10 per head, per active client, you can’t afford not to go with a fantastic pay per head provider. This is what you have been waiting and looking for. The cost is low, the PPH does everything for you and to boot, you get a custom-built gaming website for absolutely FREE. Pick up the phone and call the PPH provider today, and your clients will be betting against you in a day or two.

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